As an alumnus of UT, I have read with disappointment that a white supremacist group intends a demonstration on the UT Campus. 

Chancellor Beverly Davenport's response has been measured and on point, and she is to be congratulated. Recognizing how explosive an event of this nature can be, I would like to respectfully suggest that those intending to counter-protest take a page from Smokey and the UT-Kentucky basketball game of February 1977 at the old Stokely Athletic Center. It was this game where a tradition began ... all UT fans in attendance sitting in their seats, with their Daily Beacons opened wide, read in silence while ignoring entirely the introductions of the Kentucky team. 

Perhaps that is the most appropriate response to this event. Hand out Daily Beacons to all counter-protesters, sit with your backs to these idiots, open your Daily Beacons wide and ignore them completely. Do not give them the satisfaction of wasting your voices against those incapable of comprehending that their actions reside on the fringe of our society and no longer have a place. 

There is a special place in hell for these people ... perhaps THAT is what should be printed on a special issue of the Daily Beacon, just for this occasion.

Barrett S. McGrath, UT Class of 1982 is a 1982 UT almnus and can be reached at

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