When talking about immigration, invariably the topic of Muslim Immigration presents itself. There are Americans that believe that though Muslims have murdered many Americans, the Muslims committing the murders are not representative of Muslims as a whole. "Don't punish all Muslims for the sins of a few." Experts estimate that between 15-25% of Muslims are prone to terrorism- i.e. the ones that stab, disfigure, maim, behead, murder and massacre Non-Muslims to make Islam the only system of governance in a country.

During World War II most Germans were peaceful, however the extremely violent Nazi's drove the agenda and murdered 60M people. The peaceful majority were irrelevant.*

Also in World War II the majority of Japanese were peaceful yet the Japanese murdered 12M people. The peaceful majority were irrelevant.*

On Sept. 11, 2011 the US had 2.3 million Muslims and it took 19 Muslim Terrorists to murder about 3k Americans. The peaceful majority were irrelevant.*

The peaceful majority Muslims are not benign though. They provide aid and comfort to the Muslim Terrorists. I wouldn't advise you to sketch a picture of a person and label it Mohammad and put it in your front yard when you have the "peaceful majority" walking in your neighborhood. To do so may cause your beheading when a Muslim Terrorist happens to drop by your house. The peaceful majority inform the Muslim terrorists and will help the terrorist(s) to escape. Ever hear of Muslims turning in one of their own due to suspicions of being a terrorist?

All Muslims have the same goal, make everyone Muslim or dead. Their Quran instructs them on this goal. Terrorist Muslims pursue this goal more intensely than the peaceful majority.

Anyone agreeing to allow Muslims into the USA and/or not agreeing to deport all Muslims is committing Treason.

This story has been modified from its original version, published on Oct. 20, 2016. The original version contained typographical errors. It has been changed to correct those.

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