Caroline Jordan

For the past three years I have held a myriad of roles at the Daily Beacon: copy editor, sports writer, Managing Editor. Yet surprisingly, no phase of my time has been as impactful as the past month being out of the newsroom. Going into the quarantine and facing the reality of my senior year being cut short, I was uncertain about how this special issue — the one Gabi and I have been planning for months — would turn out considering none of the staff can be in the same room. It has truly taken a village to persevere and create this special issue.

Over the past month I have been overwhelmingly impressed with my editors, writers, contributors, photographers, videographers and graphic designers. Since news hit that we would not see each other for the remainder of spring semester, the Daily Beacon has not stopped producing meaningful content in a time when news is being consumed at an unprecedented rate (because we’re all at home).

This edition of the Daily Beacon will publish solely online for the time being, and I think that’s quite fitting considering the issue we’re raising awareness of is environmental problems facing the globe. The COVID-19 crisis has caused logistical challenges, yes — but it has also given our staff the freedom to explore website redesign to match the paper, not to mention avoiding printing thousands of physical papers, eliminating excess waste.

This being the last news “paper” I oversee, I could not be happier for my goodbye to be included in such a meaningful edition of the Daily Beacon. After being in the news business for the past few years I’ve noticed that climate change discussion really only happens in April with Earth Day being on April 22. My hope for this edition and for our campus is that it promotes discussion throughout the year, and that it no longer is a taboo or divisive topic. The writers of these articles tell stories that affect our lives in the most literal sense.

As I say goodbye, I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank the following people who have impacted my time at the Daily Beacon: Kylie Hubbard for nagging me until I applied to work at the Beacon — it was a blessing to see her everyday and receive her guidance and friendship. John Kennedy for understanding that, although I don’t want to work in print journalism after graduation, the leadership skills I learned are still valuable because they can take me anywhere. Gabriela Szymanowska for stepping up and sticking by me through this season of uncertainty. Alexandra DeMarco for always being my hype-woman and a trusted friend. Evan Newell for always laughing at my jokes, no matter how bad they were. Ryan Schumpert for enlightening me in all things “The Bachelor” and being a fellow sports fan. Thank you all for supporting me — it truly took a village.

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