Kylie Hubbard

It’s homecoming weekend, and I’m excited you’ve picked up this issue!

Each year we love to share the history of UT and its many traditions, but this year I thought we’d spice it up. Instead of bringing you what you probably already know (I mean, let’s face it — UT is built on tradition), we’re bringing you the stories of some of UT’s most well-known and loved alumni.

Alumni featured in the issue and on our website include:

-Astronaut Scott Kelly, Class of 1996

-Beacon alumnus and cartoonist Marshall Ramsey, Class of 1991

-Former UT basketball player Chris Lofton, Class of 2007

-Beacon alumnus and ESPN reporter Chris Low, Class of 1987

-Kara Lawson, Class of 2003

-Actor David Keith, Class of 1977

-Drew Holcomb, Class of 2008

-Coach Moore, Class of 1979

-Knoxville business owner Samantha Lane, Class of 2007

These alumni have all seen success in their time during and after UT, and we’re super excited to share their stories with you, partly because you may not really know them. From batting illness to find a new perspective on life, to launching a career from the student newspaper, the history of UT is told through these astounding alumni who all seem to embody the UT creed.

So, here’s to you old Tennessee, (their) alma mater true.

Happy homecoming!

Kylie Hubbard


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