Kylie Hubbard

I mean, seriously. It’s been like kinda lonely here on Rocky Top.

Not to mention kinda boring.

But, all this down time has given me the opportunity to get ready to bring you the best of the best this fall. By best of the best, I mean I have hired some of the best people I could.

Let me introduce you.

Managing Editor Caroline Jordan will serve as a point of support for staff, and as my righthand gal. We’ll be working to bring you the best content possible, and listening to your concerns. You can hit her up at

Margot McClellan, who served as Opinions Editor last year, will step into a new role: Operations Manager. This role will focus solely on how the Beacon is operating, looking to improve pickup rate and our interaction with you. Want to join her analytics team? Email

Bailey Fritz and Alexandra DeMarco will head the news team, leading both city and campus news, respectively. Both extremely talented, the dream news team will bring you up-to-date information regarding all things campus and city. Send them a news tip at or

For those of you who bleed orange, Sports Editors Noah Taylor ( and Cory Sanning ( will bring you everything you need to know about basketball and all the other sports (because, I mean, we are a basketball school, right?) Follow @UTKBeaconSports for up-to-date coverage of all things UT sports.

Evan Newell will step into the Opinions Editor shoes this year, bringing the most diverse opinions from across campus that he can. Also, did I mention he’s an award-winning columnist himself? Reach out to him at if you’re interested in publishing.

Our digital team will be headed by Photo Editor Gabriela Szymanowska ( and Digital Producer Austin Orr (, each leading a staff to provide digital elements to stories in order to bring them to life. Join their staff!!!

Calista Boyd (, a veteran copy editor and AP Style-checker will serve as Copy Chief, holding that everything published is to the utmost journalistic and ethical standards. Calista, I apologize for the mistakes this letter undoubtedly contains.

Grace Atter ( will serve as Design Editor this year, and I couldn’t be more excited! Grace was here last year and is ready to give you the most aesthetically pleasing work she can. Whoop whoop!

As you can tell, I’m pumped about our 2019-2020 newsroom staff and I think they’re going to do nothing but great things.

But, I’m even more excited that you’re here, because we know you are going to do even greater things! We can’t wait to share what you’re doing with our readers and viewers.

For the fall, we will be switching to print one day a week on Wednesdays, but that doesn’t mean the paper is worse! We are excited to produce thicker papers (like 16 pages- goodbye 8-pagers!) that we can showcase much more with.

Our goal in 2019 is to Bring the News to Light, a saying you’ve probably heard come out of my mouth more times than could be counted. Through this mentality, we’re hoping to shed light not only on what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. We’re doing this in real-life ways, giving students the opportunity to get hands on experience in a real world setting.

As the first three-semester EIC in recorded history, I’m really excited to Bring the News to Light one more time, and I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to continue to pour into a place that has done nothing but pour into me.

Reach out to me; I swear I’m cool.

Kylie Hubbard

2019 EIC 

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