An exclusive tournament series defined by top players, Beyond the Summit’s “Smash Summit” series is one of the most popular and competitive tournaments in the “Super Smash Brothers” community.

With only 16 entrants that either qualify or are voted in, the tournament series is one of the community’s highest-paying tournaments for the year. Sixteen top players receive invitations, qualify through tournament placings or are voted in through the voting pages by fans.

The pages for each summit event have store pages that anyone can purchase from. The money used in the purchases translate to votes that the customer can use to support their favorite players. Fans can also donate directly to get more votes, which also adds money to the prize pool — a system that solidifies Beyond the Summit’s “Smash Summit” as one of the highest-paying tournaments for the “Super Smash Brothers” season.

This tournament series is one of the most prestigious in the community, so making it in with other high-level players is an opportunity that all esports players dream of having.

While the tournament itself reaches viewers well over the tens-of-thousands on, the atmosphere for the tournament is rather relaxed compared to other large-scale esports events. Players are invited to Beyond the Summit’s tournament house, where they are provided food and housing and can practice in a casual setting with other top players.

Cameras are set up throughout the area to display players’ tournament matches, show off the famous commentator couch and to capture players competing in a game of ‘mafia’ at the end of the day.

Along with competing in the primary game that each particular “Smash Summit” is themed around, each summit has its own unique theme that keeps every tournament interesting and fun. For instance, the upcoming summit is modeled after popular visual novels like “Doki Doki Literature Club,” a theme that is both hilarious and visually interesting.

The players have all been voted in for this season’s summit, and the competition will be tough — a formula that will most certainly lead to record-breaking viewer numbers for the tournament series.

As players prepare for the upcoming tournament, Beyond the Summit is continually advertising the beginning of the event on Feb. 13 of this week. Players will be arriving a day prior to the event to film short clips and skits that will be played throughout the tournament — another tradition of each “Super Smash Brothers” summit.

Players will be both entertaining and competing in multiple games for viewers, as the prize pool increases until the finals that weekend. Tune in at anytime this week to check out top-level “Super Smash Brothers” gameplay by the pros.

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