Christy White

As the clock ticks down towards the end of the semester and I prepare to bid adieu to spring 2019 and all of my wonderful friends at the School of Journalism & Electronic Media, it occurred to me that, out of all my column topics this year, I’ve given short shrift to the subject of support.

Support is something we all need. Even if you fancy yourself the rebel-without-a-cause James Dean type, turned against the world who turned on you first, you’re just not going to get far without someone in your corner.

Support comes in many forms, from physical to mental and even spiritual. The good Lord knows I have called on my fair share since starting school. During stressful times, I’m prone to behaving like one half of that lovable twin superhero duet: “Wonder Twin Powers Activate! Shape of … wine night!”

Regardless of your chosen method, I can’t recommend highly enough that you find some method of support to get through this journey, and I’d like to share with you some of mine.

Firstly, and predictably, is my husband. No success that I have achieved in college would be possible without him. He has deftly and expertly assumed my evening-time duties where our family is concerned. He cooks dinner, makes sure everyone is in bed on time, listens to hours of my daughter’s “Stranger Things” theories, you name it. He’s a peach.

This type of support is tangible. He literally does my chores so I don’t have to. Nontraditional students who have the luxury of a supportive spouse or partner will know how much of a gem this is! There’s nothing like looking at a sink full of dirty dishes and thinking, “Not my job.”

Next is my seemingly endless supply of awesome, middle-aged female friends. Whether in person or on social media, I couldn’t ask for a better group of women to be my friends. They hold me close when I’m scared and encourage me to be unapologetically fierce. They have taught me what it means to have healthy, interdependent relationships.

We are all different, but we are also all authentic to our true selves, and the opportunity to experience the “sameness” of authenticity has positively impacted my reality.

Lastly, I’d like to thank underwear. Bear with me. Through thick and thin, rain or shine, your drawers cradle you with tender, loving care. They keep things in. They keep things out. They make sure that certain appendages do not shake all about. I mean, the moisture control quality of a pair of 100 percent cotton bloomers is priceless.

Bonus: unlike living support systems, you don’t have to have an intervention when panties aren’t treating you right; you just throw them out and get a new pair.

Joking aside, I know that my life might not look like yours. In fact, it’s more statistically probable that my life doesn’t look like yours. Nonetheless, everyone needs support. If you think you don’t have any, give me a shout. I have plenty, and I’m willing to share. And if you do have support, thank them! It’s hard to put someone through school!

Christy White is a junior studying Journalism and Electronic Media. She can be reached at

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