A new spot on Cumberland, Wings Over may go over your wallet ... and not in a good way. The quality is there but at a price that is not suited for the average college student. The restaurant is located between Taco Bell and Moe’s and across the street from Jimmy John’s.

For my trip, I went with the standard chicken tender meal (three tenders, fries and a drink), so I will primarily review their chicken tenders, although they also have other items on the menu including wings.

You can choose from a wide variety of sauces or rubs to coat your chicken in. They certainly give you no shortage of ways to customize your chicken experience. The sauces range from very mild to extremely hot sauces. They have a good variety as well, with options such as Citrus Chipotle BBQ, Jamaican Jerk and Mango Habanero.

They also have a variety of dry rubs that you can go for if you want to avoid the messy fingers from these sauces. Dry rubs come in some intriguing options such as Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan and Cajun Blackened — my personal favorite.

As with any chicken place, the chicken should be the highlight of the experience; the sauce or rub can only go so far. No sauce or rub can sugar-coat a bad piece of chicken, but the chicken here is truly excellent.

Many places like Zaxby’s try to hide their chicken with tons of breading and very little meat, but not this place. Now don't get me wrong, Zaxby’s can really hit the spot, but rarely do you get a good ratio of breading to meat on your chicken.

Back to Wings Over — Their tenders are very meaty in a good way. They have a thin layer of breading that is not too little but just enough to compliment the quality chicken underneath. It reminds me of a good Chick-fil-a sandwich in terms of the quality of chicken.

The chicken was juicy and tender, not undercooked or overcooked, but perfect. On my chicken, I got the Cajun Blackened dry rub.

I have always drifted towards Cajun seasoning whenever they are in reach. This Cajun seasoning was very mild in terms of heat but was a good combination of flavors and spices, although I did feel underwhelmed by the amount of seasoning on the chicken.

It felt like they coated one side of the tender in the rub and not the entire tender. I did not try any of the sauces, but they may be a better bet because of the lack of dry rub on the tenders.

Overall, however, I felt the tenders were very high quality and could hold their own in a competition with any restaurant or sit-down spot.

The sides for Wings Over did not destroy nor elevate the experience.

I got a regular drink and a side of regular waffle fries with my order. The fries were just OK. They were very crispy to the point of being too crispy, as if they were overcooked.

However, one thing I did like about them is that they were not messy at all. Sometimes you order fries, and they come out all greasy and sticky. These fries were not like that all, which was a big plus. Depending on how you feel about waffle fries, they also have tater tots that you can order as your side.

They also have the Coke Freestyle machine for their soft drinks, which is a negative in my opinion.

Although you get more choices with your soda, it lowers the quality of the soft drink that you choose. This is a minor gripe though, as many people just get water with their meal. The sides were complementary to the chicken, which was the true star of the show.

The atmosphere of Wings Over was very nice.

The place is very clean as any new restaurant should be, and the seating is very comfortable. The only detractor was that they played loud music inside, so it may not be the best place to visit and have serious sit-downs. Other than that, the atmosphere was very good, and it was very easy to order and get my food when I got inside.

Now for the biggest negative for Wings Over: the price.

The price tag here is quite steep, especially for the typical college student. My meal came out to a total of $12.01, taxes included, for four tenders, a regular waffle fry and a regular soft drink.

No matter how good the food is, that price tag could deter a lot of potential visitors from coming to Wings Over. Considering that you can get an almost equivalent meal at Chick-fil-a for about $8, it is hard for me to consider coming to Wings Over regularly for lunch or dinner.

On a scale from it slacks (bad) to it passes (average) to it slaps (good), I am going to say that with just the food, Wings Over slaps although when considering the price tag, it passes.

The quality is very good with solid chicken and the side items that are not great or bad. It is a good place to visit at least once but making a habit of coming will definitely put a dent in your wallet, but at least you are getting some high-quality chicken and a nice environment.

If you have any recommendations for places to visit and try, feel free to email me, and I will get around to trying them as soon as I can. I am always open to trying new delicious places to eat.

Joshua Henninger is a freshman majoring in supply chain management. He can be reached at jhennin5@vols.utk.edu.

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