As a former big fan of Bethesda and their games such as “The Elder Scrolls” and “Fallout,” “The Outer Worlds” looked like it might scratch the open world RPG shaped hole in my heart. There was also a good chance, however, that the game would simply feel like a cheap “Fallout” knock off. So, did the game hold up to expectations or let me down?

This game truly lets you play however you want, which is increasingly rare in games today. Sure, many games tout their open worlds with “player choice” that will “affect the outcome of the story,” but generally these are hollow promises. In “The Outer Worlds,” however, your choices really affect how people treat you and the outcome of your personal story.

Dialogue and writing are undoubtably where “The Outer Worlds” excels. It lacks, however, in combat. While not terrible, the game’s combat certainly feels as if it is lacking in polish. Gunplay feels just a little off, with kills and damage not having the impact that they should.

Overall, “The Outer Worlds” met all my expectations. While the game’s combat and graphics are slightly lacking, it completely makes up for this with brilliant writing and characters that immerse you into the world of Halcyon. Those looking for a game that delivers on its promises of player choice and immersion that won’t overstay it welcome will find everything they need in “The Outer Worlds.”

"Main Title" from Fallout New Vegas

"Wasteland Justice" from Fallout New Vegas

"Mountaintop Movement" from Fallout New Vegas


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