Aryes Hall

Ayres Hall was completed in 1921 and the historical building is an iconic landmark rising above campus on the Hill.

Republican Tennessee lawmaker Kerry Roberts said on a recording of his conservative podcast that he supports the removal of higher education because he believes it would get rid of the “liberal breeding ground.”

Sen. Roberts was speaking about a recent legislative abortion hearing on September 2, where he called out reproductive rights activist Cherisse Scott on her beliefs on the subject.

He stated that her ideologies were a “product of higher education” and that the removal of higher education would “save America.” He also said that the “stupid stuff our kids are being taught is absolutely ridiculous.”

Roberts also questioned the money being put towards higher education, as he said “we are, as legislators, paying for this garbage to be taught to our children.”

Although Roberts acknowledged the statement was a hyperbole, he still stood by his beliefs that colleges have “unquestionably become liberal breeding grounds where radical values and hatred for America are fomented.”

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