Alfa System’s newest title, “Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire,” is a vertical-scroll bullet hell game slated for a Nintendo Switch release on Jan. 30. The team at Chorus Worldwide Games, the title’s publisher, were kind enough to send me a review copy, so I could feel out the game before it hit the Nintendo eShop.

I enjoyed the game the more I played it. It’s certainly a game I would continue to play in a casual, on-the-go setting. At a price of only $13.99, it’s an easy pick that offers a visually and audibly appealing way to kill some time.

Shot and Edited by Connor Holt


"Universe S3 Mix" from Castle of Shikigami 3

"On Reflection" from Castle of Shikigami 3

"In the Heavens" from Castle of Shikigami 3


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