Video games are an inherently goofy medium. Some of the most popular video games have completely insane premises: plumbers fighting a giant lizard for a princess affection, a blue, anthropomorphic hedgehog trying to stop deforestation, a square man building a square house in a square world.

While games such as The Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption and Telltale’s The Walking Dead have shown that games can have serious, meaningful stories, sometimes people don’t want serious. They want something a little more silly. But what if you don’t want to play a game for “kids” such as Mario and Sonic?

Well, then Saints Row 3 is for perfect you. While the first two games in the Grand Theft Auto esque series about gangsters had a slightly more serious tone, the third game decided to completely lean into

the absurdity and over the top-ness of video games. For the very first episode of “Beacon Gaming Throwback,” we’ll be revisiting Saints Row 3, a childhood favorite of mine. Should I have been playing this game at 13? Definitely not. Did I? Heck yeah.

"Main Theme" from Saints Row 3

"When Good Heists Go Bad" from Saints Row 3

"I'm Free - Free Falling" from Saints Row 3


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