Ruby Sunshine

Ruby Sunshine will be the new tenant of 37 Market Square. 

New Orleans-style brunch has made its way to Knoxville with the arrival of Ruby Sunshine.

Offering dishes, desserts and drinks with New Orleans flavor, Ruby Sunshine sits on the corner of Market Square next with dishes at typical Market Square prices. Menu offerings range from classic lunch dishes like a Southern BLT to more adventurous tastings like Croque Madame.

Bringing along some of my favorite food connoisseurs, we tried three different dishes to bring you the most comprehensive review we could. Everything is rated out of 5 Ruby Sunshine slippers, sticking to theme that the restaurant has built.

Cinnamon swirl pancakes- $10

Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes

When I ordered cinnamon swirl pancakes, I didn’t know what to expect. It seems every breakfast does something different when it comes to pancakes and Ruby Sunshine was no different.

The pancakes, which come with a side of applewood smoked bacon, arrived and they were much bigger than expected. Sometimes when you go to a Market Square restaurant, you pay way more than what you get. But, it’s all about the ascetic, right?

That wasn’t the case with the pancakes. The pancakes filled my plate, and the side of bacon was a nice added flavor. The only downside was that the pancakes were so rich that I couldn’t finish them. But, that just meant I got to eat them the next morning for breakfast.

The cinnamon of the cinnamon swirl was missing, with the cream cheese icing taking center stage. With a little bit less icing and little more cinnamon, these pancakes would have sent me over the moon.

We spent about an hour and a half at the restaurant, spending the most time waiting for our food to come out. It was a busy Saturday morning, but we wish to have seen our food a little faster.

4/5 Ruby Sunshine Slippers

Southern BLT- $13 (Dravin’s meal)

Southern BLT

I tried the BLT, a dish I’ve had numerous times before at numerous locations. This time, I was highly impressed, and excited since I hadn’t visited Ruby Sunshine before.

The BLT was served with the typical bacon, lettuce and tomato, with mayo and a special fried green tomato added for extra flavor.

A fried green tomato lover, I thought the crispiness of the fried green tomato made the meal near perfect, with its crunch enhanced by the mayo. The lettuce and fried green tomato created the perfect moisture barrier between the bacon and the toast to keep the toast fresh and not soggy. All the mess was contained.

The applewood smoked bacon was a good choice, but I wish the pieces were thicker. I’m a fan of guacamole on my BLTs, and I think having the option to add guacamole would have enhanced my love for the sandwich.

I got a side of fries, and they were the perfect crunch that I like, I just wish they weren’t so salty.

With a pretty good sandwich and fries that were just too salty, I’d give it a 4/5.

4/5 Ruby Sunshine Slippers

Croque Madame - $13 (Gabi’s Meal)

Croque Madame

As one of the food connoisseurs brought along for the ride, I ordered a Croque Madame and was pleasantly surprised by the meal.

As someone who has had plenty of Croque Monsieurs in her life, this was the first Croque Madame and the layering of the sandwich was bigger than what I had expected, but definitely worth the price. Described on the menu as “French Truck Coffee-glazed ham, swiss cheese & brioche bread dipped in an egg custard and grilled, topped with cream sauce & fried egg", I ended up substituting the fried egg for a poached one and I highly suggest it.

To go along with the meal I also order a side of fries, because why not? When I first tried the fries they were worth the long wait for the food. However, if you plan on ordering the fries, either be prepared to have your taste buds assaulted by salt or ask for the fries to be lightly salted, because the chefs did not hold back on the sodium.

The sandwich was filled to the brim with ham with just the right about of cheese inside and the cream sauce on top was heavenly. When I cut into the sandwich, the poached egg from the top oozed down onto the rest of the sandwich, making for a wonderful mix of different flavors.

If I were to rate this meal out of five Ruby Sunshine slippers, I would give it a 4.4 slippers, with the only problem being the overly salted fries and the extremely long wait time for the food.

But, since Ruby Sunshine is located in Market Square and it was during a Farmer’s Market Saturday, I guess it should be expected that it could take a little longer to get your food.

4.4/5 Ruby Sunshine Slippers

Overall, Ruby Sunshine provided a nice experience and pretty good food, leading us to rank the overall experience 4.5/5 Ruby Sunshine slippers. 

Staff Writer Gabriela Szymanowska and Contributor Dravin Irvine contributed to this review. 

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