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Ovi Kabir is a senior studying political science and 2018-2019 SGA President. 

In May, former Student Government Association president Ovi Kabir graduated with a degree in political science.

On Tuesday, Kabir walked into night one of a 99-day experience: Season 21 of “Big Brother.”

Kabir was the fifth contestant to enter the “Big Brother” house Tuesday evening, introducing himself as a college student from East Tennessee who is hoping to be an inspiration to kids watching the show who may look like him.

Kabir made quick friends with Michie, as the pair bonded over their Tennessee backgrounds. GoldDerby predicts that the two “could be quite the power duo.”

“My main strategy is to go into the house and get to know all the Houseguests on some sort of personal level and not alienate any members,” Kabir said, adding he will do his best to create a strong alliance with some of the Houseguests, but also create bonds with those on the outskirts.”

Kabir plans on staying true to his genuine, honest nature and being straightforward with evicted Houseguests in the goodbye messages including doing his best to say how good of a player they were.

“Though I have all these strategies in mind, I understand ”Big Brother“ has many twists and I must ‘expect the unexpected,’ as Julie Chen says,” Kabir said. “So my other strategy of being flexible and being able to flow with the game I think will be instrumental in me winning.”

“Big Brother” brings together 16 “houseguests” from across the U.S. to live in a house where each week someone is eliminated until one person remains to take home the grand prize of $500,000.

While staying in a custom built house outfitted with 24/7 surveillance and microphones recording everything, contestants are cut off from the outside world for three months during the competition. Each week, both contestants and those watching will vote a “houseguest” off the show.

Who’s Kabir’s competition?

Jackson Michie of Nashville was introduced first on night one of the show, considering himself a superfan, identifying himself as a mama’s boy and hating the term “redneck.” Nicole Anthony of New York was introduced next. Anthony said she was socially awkward and that she teaches preschool.

Broadway dancer Tommy Bracco, who has starred in “Newsies” and “Pretty Woman,” brought energy in his arrival, holding onto a secret that he’s a pretty big “Big Brother” fan like Michie. Texas’s Kathryn “Kat” Dunn is a beauty queen and former Dallas Mavericks dancer, and Kemi Fekunkle of Brooklyn calls herself a reformed mean girl.

Wine safari guide Holly Allen of Los Angeles said her strength will get her the grand prize of $500,000 and Tampa’s Jack Matthews also has strength, with his career as a fitness trainer. Christie Murphy of New York is a boutique owner and said she has watched “Big Brother” since she was 16 and sees herself as the winner.

Pennsylvanian truck driver Sam Smith seemed ready to win the money and Los Angeles’s Isabella Wang is ready to be on TV to prove to her conservative Chinese family that she can be more than a doctor. Nick Maccarone described himself as an obnoxious, outgoing mental health therapist for children.

Jessica Milagros, a plus-sized model from Chicago, joined the house next, hoping to prove that size isn’t important and doesn’t matter to win the game. Texas’s Cliff Hogg III is an engineer, and significantly older than most of the other houseguests at the age of 54.

Soccer star and superfan Analyse Talavera said she thought other houseguests would underestimate her based on her looks, but she’s really to win. Atlanta photographer David Alexander was the last to join the “Big Brother” house, saying he dropped a lot of weight and ready to prove his athleticism during the “Big Brother” competitions.

The first twist

Host Julie Chen gathered the houseguests for their first twist of the show, telling them that a camp director will be elected to have unprecedented powers. The director is safe the first week, has an impact on Head of the Household competitions and can ruin someone’s game on their own accord.

A lot of the houseguests threw their name in the hat, but only one could be awarded the position.

Kabir’s buddy, Michie, was elected the first camp director, after beating out Milagros. Michie must chose four houseguests to compete for three spots left in the house. Only time will tell his choice, however, as the first night of “Big Brother” ended on a cliff hanger.

“Big Brother” will continue Wednesday on CBS.

Staff Writer Gabriela Szymanwoska contributed to this article. 

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