2019 City Mayoral Election
Indya Kincannon celebrates her victory with a picture with key supporters in her race to become Knoxville's Mayor on Tuesday night, November 5, 2019.

In a historic night in Knoxville, Indya Kincannon won Knoxville’s mayoral election. She defeated her opponent Eddie Mannis, ending the race with 52.41% of the vote compared to Mannis’s 47.59%.

Mannis was considered by some to be the frontrunner going into the election on Tuesday evening. He won the mayoral primary in August, garnering 36.64% of the vote.

Kincannon received 29.13% of the vote in the primary, narrowly securing the second place title, defeating Marshall Stair by just 411 votes.

Mannis’s election party was alive and beaming with enthusiasm early on in the evening. In reference to how he prepared for election day, Erin Donovan, the Communications Director for the campaign, said Mannis spent the day talking to voters.

“I think today is just like any other day, but today he’s had to go from poll to poll, talking to people, visiting with volunteers …” Donovan said. “He started probably around five o’clock this morning.”

When discussing how Mannis coming out of the primary election as the frontrunner has affected his campaign, Donovan said, “You just keep going and try to keep that, try to get those same voters to keep coming out, but you also want to make sure that where there were some people on the fence, where there are some of the voters that were going to go with Marshall that now you want them to come with us versus going with Indya.”

Early on in the evening, however, in a turn of events that was shocking for some, Mannis took to the stage and announced that he was conceding the race.

Across the city at the Kincannon election party, the room was full of excited energy, no doubt bolstered by her recent victory speech.

When talking to The Daily Beacon just after she announced she would soon become the next mayor of the Scruffy City, Kincannon shared how excited she was about the election results and how the day had gone for her.

“I had good vibes, I was at 18 different polling places today. I felt like things were going well. I wasn’t certain until Eddie Mannis called to concede, I was like ‘Wow, I guess we actually did it,’” Kincannon said. “He was incredibly gracious and kind and was really classy about it.”

When asked what the first thing she would be doing after winning the election, Kincannon said, “Well, the first thing is to enjoy this moment.”

This election has been an expensive one, according to campaign finance disclosures. Mannis spent $534,000, while Kincannon spent $277,000.

Kincannon’s inauguration will be held the third Saturday in December.

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