On My Block S3

An incredibly refreshing show, “On My Block” has returned for its third season.

While there is mass hysteria going on regarding recent events, consider sitting down and checking out this Netflix hit.

“On My Block,” a gritty and enjoyable show about best friends Jamal, Monse, Ruby and Cesar, along with their hilarious and absolutely vital member to the team Jasmine, has done an excellent job on their most recent season.

Set in South Central Los Angeles, this show is incredibly diverse and depicts the ins and outs of teenage life for the friends. However, their daily lives are much different than what is typically portrayed in television and film.

From gang activity to regular familial struggles, these teens deal with a lot. While each season typically has something intense going on, the main conflict always seems to revolve around Cesar.

Cesar’s family is involved with a gang – the Santos – and his brother, Spooky, is a primary member. While the show began with Cesar’s inner struggle involving the gang, the third season focuses on the leader of the Santos, Cuchillos (meaning “knives” in Spanish), ordering the friends to go on a wild goose chase for her former lover, Lil’ Ricky.

Lil’ Ricky is somewhat of a myth, as he was assumed to be dead, but Cuchillos has a gut feeling he is still alive. One of the group’s best talents, led by mystery connoisseur Jamal, is figuring things out, and although they really do not want to do what Cuchillos asks, they realize they have no choice.

Even though this show is set on some pretty insane premises, such as these teenagers being forced against their will to seek out a man who was thought to be deceased, it also touches on themes that are very relevant to people everywhere.

The third season does not shy away from showing the vulnerabilities these kids feel. They just want to be normal teenagers but they are in some incredibly abnormal circumstances.

Ruby is always romantically conflicted, Monse and Cesar have relationship and family troubles galore and Jamal and Jasmine have their own struggles while being the comic relief for the show.

Arguably, Jasmine and Jamal absolutely carry “On My Block,” and the third season is no exception. In fact, the third season may be the funniest yet in terms of their antics. The actors do a spectacular job of being completely relatable and real while also being insanely hilarious.

The other characters are great as well, but Jamal and Jasmine just give the show a bit of an extra “umph.”

This season is definitely entertaining, as were the others, but it seemed to have the least emotional drama of the seasons. The first and second seasons were much heavier in terms of what the friends dealt with, such as PTSD and gang violence, while the third is certainly on the lighter side.

Although heavier themes are sometimes necessary, it was a nice surprise for the teens to have a little less to deal with, even though they are still on a mission given to them by a gang leader.

The cast’s chemistry is palpable and no matter what they get into, the audience will always be rooting for these kids to prevail.

The third season of Netflix’s “On My Block” is refreshing and enjoyable for all audiences, particularly young adults (and older, as there is a bit of suggestive content), but as a whole they have excelled once again.

“On My Block” offers a diverse cast and important premises, and its third season has shown once more that they know what they’re doing, leaving audiences eager for a fourth season.

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