Space Jesus probably isn’t a familiar name to the mainstream music lovers but it is well known to the Electronic Dance Music crowd, especially in Knoxville, Tennessee. Crowds of bass-loving head-bangers lined up outside the Mill and Mine in the rain to see the New Jersey-based producer known as Space Jesus.

Well, his real name is Jasha Tull. But with shows meant to make you feel as though you’re on another planet, his cosmically quasi-religious stage name makes a lot of sense.

Before Space Jesus took the stage, three opening acts warmed up the crowd. Huxley Anne, Toadface and Minnesota each brought their own electronic and psychedelic influences to the venue. The biggest hits with the crowd were bass-heavy performers Toadface and Minnesota. Toadface played some of his new experimental tracks and Minnesota spun through his biggest hits.

The openers brought a lot of energy and great music to the stage, but I don’t think I have ever seen someone as comfortable with performance as Space Jesus. Maybe it’s because his shoes and socks were off.

More likely, it’s because of his clear love for performance and his connection with fans -- he makes a point of referring to the crowd as his family. Whatever it was, he made the crowd feel just as comfortable as he was.

Space Jesus has a unique take on dubstep that makes you really appreciate his name. His electronic sounds and psychedelic space vibes create an unearthly-yet-thunderous experience. I could feel the bass notes in my chest, and it sent chills down my spine.

The crowd seemed to appreciate his spacey sounds, but the really mesmerizing thing was the visuals. The crowd was completely mesmerized by the trippy visuals and lights that took over the stage.

“Playing this in front of you guys right now is giving me chills,” he said at one point. He wasn’t the only one. Fans of electronic music bring a particular energy to shows that you just can’t find anywhere else.

To finish off the show, Space Jesus brought out all three of the openers to jam along with him on stage and collaborate with different beats and bass drops. He said that this was the first time they have all performed on stage together, so this had to be a special moment for both the audience and for the performers.

In my opinion, Space Jesus is on a journey to take over the Electronic Dance Music culture. Don’t be surprised if you start to see his name showing up on all the big festival line-ups, based on his prior history of epic live sets at Bonnaroo, TomorrowWorld, Shambhala and MysteryLand.

Space Jesus is currently on his national “Temple of Noon” tour, with a hectic roster of over 50 stops in just four months. He’ll be back in town very soon with a Jan. 27 show in Chattanooga, a March 1 show in Nashville and a March 2 show in Memphis.

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