Spencer Chaney at the Bud Light Stage Day 1 cheering on Fitz and the Tantrums during their set on Thursday, August 1. 

After three full days of sunshine and unforgettable live music, Chicago was in for one last beautiful day in Grant Park.

According to some Chicago locals, this festival has been troubled by some bad weather in the past. This was not the case for Lollapalooza 2019, fans were blessed with perfect weather every single day of this Festvial.

To kick off the last day of Lollapalooza, Ryan Beatty took the Bud Light stage, Wilderado opened up the T-Mobile stage, 99 neighbors came out of the woods at the American Eagle stage, and Born Dirty woke up the bass speakers at Perrys stage.

Following Wilderados set at the T-Mobile stage, an audio track of gunshots started to play. After a few moments they came to an end and JID took the stage to open his show up with a moment of silence for “all the bullsh*t that’s going on in the world right now.” Referring to the multiple mass shooting that had been occurring through the country during this festival weekend.

JID was super interactive with the crowd during his set. He jumped down to the front row to get a picture with a fan holding a sign that said “front row to get a picture with JID.” JID then grabbed the sign and held it up for the entire crowd to see saying, “it was super dope.” 

Before closing out his set he said to the crowd, “This is a really personal song for me so don’t get sad but we are about to rock this,” he proceeded to play the crowds favorite, “Never.” 

Performing right next door on Perry’s stage, the New Zealand DJ Opiuo took the stage to perform a super energetic EDM set. Before mixing his final song he screamed out to the crowd, “I see you guys out there Lollapalooza, you guys are crazy!”

Masego opened up the American Eagle stage later on that afternoon with his #1 song, Tadow, which practically made him famous when he dropped a video on youtube of him and FKJ playing the song live in the studio. This 8-minute jam session has recorded over 145 million views since 2017. 

Later that afternoon, Louis the Child walked out on to the Bud Light stage to see fans stretched as far back as they could see. Somehow they managed to spell out “louis”, “smile,” and an image of a crown in the sky with clouds (see polaroid). This was an electrifying set that left the fans screaming for more.

Following Louis the Child at the Bud Light stage, was Meek Mill. The rapper, who is based out of his hometown Philadelphia, walked out to perform for his first time ever at Lollapalooza. The crowd was so into his show that he could not keep a smile off of his face during the entire set. The fans went crazy when he brought out the Chicago native, Calboy, to perform their epic collaboration, “Chariot.”  

As the sun was setting over Grant park, fans started heading towards Perry’s stage to catch the Dutch DJ, San Holo. One of the crowds favorite songs around me was, “We rise,” and the fans sang along to each word as San Holo shredded the guitar mid-stage.  

To close out this 4-day festival, Flume electrified the crowd at the Bud Light stage with experimental beats and live mixes of the fans favorite hits, and Ariana Grande made every soul in the crowd fall in love with her as she walked out onto the catwalk of the T-Mobile stage. 

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