Alternative rock band Young the Giant rocked the Tennessee Theatre with an authentic and passionate performance on Wednesday.

The audience filled the theater slowly, but before the opening act, excited fans filled the theater and lobby. Though the show was not a sellout, the energy in the theater both before the show and during was more than enough to fill the space.

Before Young the Giant took the stage, a group known as Sure Sure opened the show. Sure Sure is an alternative band from Los Angeles, California. It consists of Chris Beachy on lead vocals, Charlie Glick on guitar and vocals, Kevin Farzad on drums and Michael Coleman on percussion. According to Farzad, this was the group’s first show in Knoxville.

Fans of Young the Giant said that even though they hadn’t heard of Sure Sure prior to the show, they would definitely listen to them again. Sure Sure’s eccentric stage presence and nostalgic, indie-inspired music made many audience members curious to learn more about the group and their music.

I thought Sure Sure’s performance was so interesting because they were able to capture the relaxed, nonchalant feeling in their music while also commanding the stage with bits of playful choreography and a camaraderie between the members of the group. I, along with many others at the concert, will definitely wait to see what Sure Sure does next.

After Sure Sure got the whole crowd dancing with their closing song “Hands Up Head Down,” Young the Giant took the stage.

The group performed an energetic opening set filled with songs that showcased their energy and stage presence. Each member played multiple instruments, including a tambourine, cowbell and even a megaphone, which showcased the band’s skills and variety in their music.

Lighting and sound effects were used throughout the show and created a feeling of anticipation as the crowd wondered what the band would do next. But halfway through this theatrical set, the band wanted to show a more authentic side to their music.

Lead singer Sameer Gadhia discussed the band’s online series of acoustic sessions called “In the Open.” He said he wanted to “take this to the actual show” by playing a small set of acoustic songs with minimal lighting. Fans loved this because it showed another aspect of the band’s performance.

This part of the performance was unlike anything I had seen at a live concert before, but I thought it was a great way to get the audience to focus on the music and what it means. By getting rid of the lights and special effects, the band drew my attention to not only their raw talent, but also their passion for their music and the personal messages in the lyrics.

After this acoustic break, Young the Giant quickly picked up the pace, playing classics such as “Cough Syrup” and other songs from their new album Mirror Master that got the crowd dancing and singing. They ended the night with a bang by playing a series of high-energy songs that left the crowd wanting more.

Young the Giant began in 2004 in California and consists of Sameer Gadhia as lead vocalist, Jacob Tilley and Eric Cannata on guitar, Payam Doostzadeh on bass guitar and synthesizer and François Comtois on percussion. However, the group proved during the show that every member is more than capable of performing with various instruments. The band now has four studio albums and multiple hit songs since the beginning of their career.

Overall, Young the Giant’s performance at the Tennessee Theatre was exciting, authentic and a great example of a band that truly loves making music and sharing it with their fans. I look forward to Young the Giant’s next tour in Knoxville and anticipate fun, creative performances from them in the future.

This show marked the middle of Young the Giant’s Mirror Master tour, with upcoming shows in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and several locations in Georgia and North Carolina.

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