CMA Fest: Day 4

A view of the crowd for the final night of CMA Fest on Sunday, June 9. 

The last day of CMA Fest on Sunday wrapped up with the daytime performances ending earlier than expected because of lightning in the area.

However, the evening performance ended on a high note, with the entire lineup putting every ounce of energy they had into ending CMA Fest with plenty of memories for its attendees.

Beginning the day at the Riverfront stage was no other than Walmart yodeling cowboy Mason Ramsey who melted people's hearts when he was on the Ellen Show.

One of the youngest performers at CMA Fest, Ramsey has been busy with touring and making television appearances. He gained internet fame after a video was posted of him singing Hank Williams’ "Hey, Good Looking" in Walmart went viral. 

The last performance of the day at the Riverfront, Walker Hayes, was unfortunately canceled because of the weather, as attendees were advised to seek shelter from the lightning.

Knoxville native and The Voice contestant Emily Ann Roberts performed new music at the Nashville Acoustic Center.

Roberts has been working on a new EP which she announced would be released later this summer on July 12. Taking the opportunity, she performed several of her new songs including "Someday Dream," "Wild" and "Stuck on You and Me." Roberts also stopped by to perform at Old Red on Broadway in the afternoon.

As the evening came, the mostly sunny day quickly disappeared behind dark clouds as it started to rain, with lightning being spotted in the distance. Yet, for the evening performances the weather held out and there was no rain, just plenty of upbeats and lively music.

David Lee Murphy opened the night with a zealous set, that just continued the passion throughout the rest of the show. Murphy during his set sang a string of his better known songs, including the hit song “Big Green Tractor.”

Murphy brought strong cords and good beats with his set, getting the crowd ready for Chris Janson’s act after.

Before ending his set, Murphy thanked everyone for coming to CMA Fest and for being fans of country music.

“Thank you for supporting country music,” Murphy said before diving into his hit “Dust on the Bottle.”

Chris Janson’s charismatic personality lit the stage with his huge smile as he kept the ball rolling, running across stage and non-stop projecting the energy into the crowd. Playing his harmonica with so much energy, the shrill sound vibrated out through the speakers into the stadium.

“Well have a toast one time, to your health, to your happiness, to our troops and our veterans, to our great country and our great country music,” Janson said before playing “Fix a Drink.”

For his first time playing at Nissan Stadium and at CMA Fest, Janson really brought the ‘good vibes’ with him as he truly put on a show though singing his hit songs “Redneck Life” and his brand new single “Good Vibes.” Janson even sang a cover of Elton John’s “Piano Man” where he blew into his harmonica in tune to the chorus.

There wasn’t a moment when Janson wasn’t smiling which put the energy into the crowd as he got the crowd to sing along and on its feet for “Buy Me a Boat.”

Two guest appearances during the last night included the Andrew Jackson Elementary Honors Choir who’s rendition of “The Champion” proved that the children themselves were champions for performing in front of 70,000 people. The choir was brought to the show as part of the foundation’s goal in supporting music education, which the entire festival was about donating to support.

Trisha Yearwood stopped by, setting up on the middle of the floor and performed her new song, “Every Girl in This Town” for the crowd who didn’t waste a minute and sang along.

Right after Yearwood, Old Dominion came onto the platform and the group kept up the bar for getting people on their feet. Introducing the set with “Snap Back,” the group didn’t just stay on stage as lead singer Matthew Ramsey and guitarist Brad Tursi cut through the crowd to perform on the floor next to everyone. The group sang their new song “One Man Band,” as well as “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart” and ending with “Make It Sweet.”

Maren Morris was next with her pop country sound that at one moment brought the crowd to church. Singing “The Bones” and her empowering girl power song “Girl” the crowd sang along, a theme that stayed the entire night. Since it was a Sunday night, Morris took the crowd to church with “Can I Get a Hallelujah.”

Morris also took a moment to express her gratitude to the crowd before singing “I Could Use a Love Song,” her first number one hit radio song.

“Just thank you guys for being such fans of country music because there really is, we were talking about this off stage, there’s no week like this in any other genre, but this,” Morris said. “So thank you for showing up this week from all over the world. It makes us feel really heard.”

Morris brought out Brandi Carlile as her guest to perform a duet for the crowd out in the middle of the floor, and she finished her song lineup with hit song, “The Middle.”

CMA Entertainer of the year Keith Urban put on a show for the crowd doing the unexpected at moments like rushing into the middle of the crowd without going to the designated stage so he could be right there with them and having the crew turn off every light in the stadium so fans could shine their lights during one song.

Singing his hit song that he sang with Carrie Underwood, “The Fighter,” Urban decided to sing a live duet with the crowd having them sing Underwood’s part to him as he sang back his to the crowd.

“Because I know we have some Carrie Underwoods in the crowd tonight,” Urban said as he introduced the duet idea.

Luke Bryan closed out not only the night, but the entire CMA Fest 2019 and made sure his set was memorable for the audience. Performing his hits “Knockin’ Boots,” “What Makes You Country,” and “Rain is a Good Thing,” Bryan made the ending a party even asking the audience if they were ready for the festival to be over or would like to keep it going.

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