Crawford & Power

We meet people every day – some just in passing, others who come into our lives and stick around for a bit – but it’s not every day that you meet someone that you connect with on a different level.

Jake Crawford and Ethan Power know what it means when you meet that person--someone who will become your best friend and music partner. They also know that good music can bring together different people to form something unique. Almost like putting together a splash of sweet iced tea and whiskey.

Crawford and Power didn’t have an out of the ordinary meeting. They met like most college students meet – in a class in college. Both happened to be in the same speaking class, and that ordinary meeting turned into an adventure of a lifetime for the duo.

The two started their band in early 2014, with Crawford performing on the guitar and vocals and Power playing an array of instruments from the dobro to a lap steel to his guitar. Soon after the duo started performing together they opened for Power’s hero, Jerry Douglas, in their hometown of Franklin County, Virginia and haven’t looked back since.

“It was a small town, so we kind of honed in on our music and that was our way out,” Crawford said. “We love it though, we still live in Virginia and we appreciate the slow small-town lifestyle.”

What started off as fun playing at breweries and bars for free beer soon turned into Crawford and Power garnering a fan base, touring with The Marshall Tucker Band and two EPs.

Describing their music as classic country music with some Americana and southern rock, Crawford and Power according to their website “seek to spawn a classic country revival with a splash of sweet ice tea and whiskey.”

“I would just say we’re trying to bring real country music and storytelling in songs back,” Power said.

And that’s exactly what their music is doing, telling stories through their music like “Dancing Alone,” which is an ode to all the girls who have had their hearts broken. Unlike other heart-broken songs, Crawford and Power went more of an uplifting vibe and good beats.

Most of their influence, apart from artists like Brooks and Dunn, Travis Tritt, The Eagles, Bob Seger and Jerry Douglas, comes from wanting to help others through a tough time.

“I would say trying to somewhat compare to the people who influenced me at a young age to get into this,” Crawford said. “I think you have this really powerful opportunity to help people through a bad time or a fun time.”

Power further explained how they have seen their music help people through rough times, as they have been approached by fans.

“We’ve had people come up to us after shows with original music we’d written have tears in their eyes and say, ‘I’ve had a really bad month and helped me through it’ and so seeing that makes it all worth it,” Power said.

While their journey the last few years has been incredible, Crawford said that it can still surprise them to think back at all they have accomplished--starting out as two guys in a college class to opening for musicians like Travis Tritt.

“Being little you always dream about doing something like this and sometimes you get caught up and don’t realize that you’re doing it, that you’re in it,” Crawford said. “But one night, we were with Travis Tritt in Augusta, Georgia and Axis TV were doing a taping that night and it was just so crazy to me ... just to think that we were going out in front of him … it blows my mind.”

For right now, Crawford and Power are “boots on the ground mode” doing a lot of shows, releasing a lot of original material and producing songs that they “envision as the idea of county.” The two are continuing to promote their new music and tour with their website listing upcoming shows in Springfield and Newton, Illinois.

And while the duo may be heading for the big stage soon enough, their advice for others is to never give up chasing your dream.

“The biggest thing I’ve ever learned about achieving an ounce of a dream is don’t ever give up,” Crawford said. “If it’s something that you really are passionate about, there’s room for error, there’s room for improvement and everything too, but if you give up there’s no shot.

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