love is not dying

The debut album from newcomer Jeremy Zucker, “love is not dying,” is beautiful and touching.

You may be familiar with his catchy and mellow hit “comethru,” which was released in 2018. That single was just a snippet of what was to come with the masterpiece that is “love is not dying.”

His smooth, melodic voice takes the listener on a journey through Zucker’s feelings.

Upbeat and exciting but calming at the same time, “love is not dying” offers a true variety with its 15 songs. There are also electronic elements within several songs that add a bit of flare to the album as a whole.

You can really feel the emotion through his words, and each of the tracks tells a different story.

One of the songs on the album, “good for her,” simply repeats “She’s with a new boy now” over and over along with a sweet but sorrowful tune playing in the background.

Zucker reveals that he has felt love, loss and longing, and the listener can experience these emotions alongside him as they go through the album.

The track “full stop” was a standout on the album for the raw and compelling emotion it conveyed. The build-up of the music from the 17-to-56-second marks almost feels like a roller coaster of emotions, even though the song has just begun.

Around the three-minute mark, “full stop” progresses into an overwhelmingly moving part of the song. The combination of his heartfelt vocals and the drumming in the background is exquisite.

In “julia,” he ponders over the fact that the more he thinks he grows, the less he seems to know. This song is about moving on from a girl who he used to be in love with, saying that they used to think the sun would never fade, but now they will never even see it shining. He acknowledges that sometimes in relationships things change quickly and feelings fade.

A few other emotions the listener may feel through this album are regret, frustration and hopefulness. Zucker seems as though he is heartbroken and wishes he had done a lot of things differently, but at the same time he is looking toward the future.

He also seems to be thankful for the experiences he has had, even though he has been affected so strongly. These sentiments are conveyed through his collaboration with Chelsea Cutler on “you were good to me.”

Further, Zucker is proud that he has gotten over things, no matter the ways he has decided to deal with his emotions — whether it be buzzing his head or heading to Mexico alone as he describes in “oh, mexico.”

As a whole, “love is not dying” is incredibly moving and contemplative, and Jeremy Zucker has given listeners some true gems with his debut album.

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