American Authors
The band, Public, opening up the Mill and Mine for American Authors & Magic Giant concert on Wednesday, January 22, 2020.

The Band of Brothers tour brought PUBLIC, Magic Giant and American Authors to Knoxville’s The Mill and Mine, and the cold weather did not deter hundreds of fans from showing up to the concert.

PUBLIC, the opener, brought an alternative rock sound and charismatic energy to the show. Coming from Cincinnati, Ohio, the trio was charming and personable. Their energy drew the crowd closer to the barricade — the entire venue was constantly engaged and moving in closer to clap and dance along.

“They’re so nice. They’re just like normal people,” PUBLIC’s lead singer said of Magic Giant and American Authors before launching into more of their catchy songs. As one of their final songs, the band played Britney Spears’ “Toxic” — much to the excitement of the crowd.

The trio was not shy to the crowd and brought a powerful performance to Knoxville. The lead singer even jumped off of the stage to stand on the barricade. Their bassist performed an aerial cartwheel while playing, and the drummer had plenty of tricks and showmanship to match.

“We want to thank you guys for being wild,” the band said after playing their hit song, “Make You Mine,” that had most of the crowd singing along.

Following PUBLIC, a man came on stage to introduce Magic Giant and American Authors with a unique twist.

After promising a show full of surprises, he brought out a Plinko Disc Drop to determine which band would play first. Before this, though, both bands came on stage at once. The stage was packed with band members and their instruments.

American Authors stayed onstage and opened with their hit “Believer.” The entire crowd was following them as they danced across the stage, captivating the audience.

“Thanks for coming to our very first show in Knoxville,” said lead vocalist Zac Barnett, welcoming everyone to the fifth night of the tour.

Magic Giant replaced American Authors on stage and launched into their own upbeat, indie-folk style sound. The band members were all impressive dancers and used this strength to bolster their performance. During a break between songs, lead singer Austin Bisnow held up a poster for the crowd to “text the band.”

The trio jumped into the crowd to play “Without You” while standing on crates in the center of the venue. Bisnow was joined by bandmates Zambricki Li and Zang for their soft rendition of the song.

Bisnow jumped off of his crate to lean on fans to foster the special moment of closeness. Nearly everyone in the surrounding circle held up a phone flashlight or lighter.

Soon after, a large drum made its way down to the center of the crowd, and American Authors had resumed their hold on the crowd. Members like James Adam Shelley were engaging the crowd in singing, dancing and clapping along as anticipation built for the coming set. Both bands returned to the stage together for a song performed in one straight line.

American Authors took over and just as Magic Giant did, they held up a phone number for updates from the band. The band members had great synergy, and their excitement was mirrored by the crowd.

“This song is dedicated to every single one of you. If you’re going through something, you’re not alone,” Bisnow said after he opened up to the crowd about a recent loss.

Nearly every musician that played changed their instrument at some point, rotating between an array of instruments. Banjo, harmonica, cowbell, shekere, violin, cello — you name it, it was likely on the stage at some point. The bands switched places on stage often and played a setlist that had the entire crowd dancing from start to finish.

The bands also announced a partnership with One Tree Planted — a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that focuses on reforestation. Each shirt purchased at the show paid into their donation to this organization.

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