Kacey Musgraves' Tennessee Theatre show proves her impact on future of country music

Award winning country artist Kacey Musgraves performed a sold out show at the Tennessee Theatre.

Six-time Grammy award winning artist Kacey Musgraves performed a sold-out show at the Tennessee Theatre Tuesday evening. Fresh from her six Grammy wins, Musgraves showed off her country roots with a a high-energy show.

The venue was packed with younger people, their parents, and older people who might not have been to a show in years. The atmosphere screamed modern pop country. It was almost as if all of mainstream Nashville was packed into one room.

As I followed the sea of cowboy hats and bolo ties, I made my way to my seat. Opening for Musgraves was another Nashville artist, Julia Sinclair. Sinclair performed an awesome opening set and got the crowd pumped and engaged. At one point Sinclair was able to get the entire audience to turn on their flashlights and sway them to the tune of their songs.

After a quick set change, Musgraves and her band took the stage. The audience soon erupted in screams and cheers for the 30-year-old artist, with a standing ovation from the very beginning. With two middle fingers up in the air, Musgraves greeted the crowd and said that they all deserved to celebrate. I was all about it.

Musgraves informed everyone that this was the two-year anniversary of her first live performance in Portland, Oregon. The show, Musgrave added, was small and happened across the street from Portland’s strip club the Pitiful Princess. The Pitiful Princess became a ongoing  gag for the rest of the show.

Performing many songs from her new album “Golden Hour," Musgraves constantly interacted with the crowd, waving and high-fiving fans in the front row.  I was honestly impressed by her stage presence and down-to-earth personality -- a combination that many performers lack.

In the middle of the set, Musgraves brought out her husband, Ruston Kelly, to perform a Johnny Cash tribute. She explained that the song had been a poem written by Cash to his wife, June Carter, and that Cash’s son wanted Musgraves to make a song out of it. The song was beautiful and a very nice tribute to one of country music’s biggest legends.

Musgraves finished the rest of her set, but not without a surprise. In all my years of concerts, festivals and live event coverage, this might have been the funniest thing I have ever seen.

As she performed her last song, Musgraves encouraged the audience to sing along with her one last time. Out of nowhere, the backstage crew began throwing giant inflatable light-up balls into the audience. What started off as a little fun quickly turned into a frenzy. The audience was soon caught up in trying to frantically sing along and dodge the inflatable aerial attacks. Watching concertgoers desperately trying to sing and sip on their vodka sodas getting pelted by a giant beach balls made the show and my night.

Musgraves performed an amazing show and I can see why it was sold out. She brought to the stage high energy, a charming personality and a killer stage performance. She might be country, but she still had the whole place rocking.

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