“Norman F****** Rockwell”— Lana Del Rey

Staff Writer Gabriela Szymanowska and Photographer Connor Morss go behind the stage at CMA Fest 2019 to interact with performers in Nashville.

Rock band Ra Ra Riot is set to release their new album, Superbloom, Friday. The genre-bending record, which was produced with former Vampire Weekend member Rostam Batmanglij, is a beautiful melange of rock, pop, psychedelic and electronica. The album is the group’s first full-length release …

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As more discussion arises around climate change, many people are looking to reduce their personal impacts on the environment; this just got a little easier for Knoxvillans thanks to Green Heron, the new and only compost pickup service in Knoxville.

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This weekend, independent filmmakers, student filmmakers, audience members and everything in between made their way to Downtown Regal Cinemas West 8 for the 2019 Knoxville Film Festival. 

A 36-inch water main broke Thursday night by Tennessee American Water’s  plant located near UTC campus. Over 35,000 residents in downtown and North Chattanooga are experiencing low to no water pressure. The impact has also stretched to Signal Mountain, Lookout Valley, Red Bank, Rossville and…

For those who believe in ghosts or wish to visit haunted locations, Knoxville is the place to be. Given the fact that today is Friday the 13th, these spots and tales of ghosts will prove to be even more fascinating for those who believe in the myth.

Film plays at least a small role in almost everyone’s lives. Some may only see one movie a year, while others are at the theater every weekend. Some take inspiration from film and decide to try and become filmmakers themselves.

Contributor Evan Mays sat with mayoral candidate Eddie Mannis on Friday, Sept. 6. Results of the primary, campaign challenges and goals were shared in this exclusive interview. 

Artist Devon Gilfillian, member of the band Larkin Poe, performed at Moon River Festival in Chattanooga on Saturday. The Daily Beacon sat down with him to chat about his career and his inspiration.

Parents — whether you’re looking for a sweet treat to cool off after a hot game day or simply craving something to satisfy that sweet tooth, Knoxville’s large selection of dessert restaurants has plenty to choose from while you’re visiting your child. Here are some of our recommendations.

For students and parents who may not know their way around the shining city of Knoxville, choosing where to eat can be a tough decision. Here is a list of the most well-known, loved restaurants close to campus that anyone can enjoy.

The Nintendo Switch has proven to be incredibly successful for Nintendo, thanks in part to the large amount of varied exclusive games that it has. While the system has plenty of first party exclusives, Nintendo has nabbed a few second party exclusives, such as PlatinumGames’ “Astral Chain."

Madison Castle interviews artist JRey.

Right as I walked into the Empty Cup, I realized it was not the typical Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts. Instead, it is full of large couches, which makes it feel as if you are walking into a furniture store instead of grabbing a cup of coffee.Located in the Cedar Bluff shopping area in Knoxvill…

“Norman F****** Rockwell”— Lana Del Rey

There are new things happening with the local dessert scene, and we’ve got the scoop! Here’s everything you need to know about Knox Dough--a Knoxville food truck favorite which has recently expanded to include three store locations.

In the past two years, cities across the U.S. have begun to partner with companies to bring accessible, low-cost transportation to their citizens. Dock-less, rent-by-the-minute electric scooters first started appearing in 2017, with companies such as the familiar “Spin” releasing them in dow…


RAD is a procedurally generated rougelike developed by Double Fine and published by Bandai Namco.

New development along Knoxville’s South Waterfront has made life south of the river ever more appealing to students looking to find off-campus housing. Now, a free KAT trolley line will help connect the area to downtown.

As Knoxville newcomers approach campus and downtown this year, some are rightfully mystified by the idea of a fast food restaurant that serves chili. It seems preposterous, but it is impossible to understand the fanbase that Petro’s dining has created without trying the product itself.

Knoxville was alive and bustling as the results of the Knoxville primary election were announced on Tuesday evening after residents went to the polls earlier that afternoon. Election night parties were held all over the city as candidates and supporters watched with anticipation to see who w…

The Knoxville City Council held its weekly meeting Tuesday afternoon and a group of activists showed up to speak up in the court about an officer- involved shooting incident that happened Monday night. The protesters demanded the police department answer to their questions about the suspect'…

The Sevier County Fair opens today Tuesday, August 27 and will be open until Monday, September 2 offering attendees rides, games, an indoor exhibit hall housing farm fresh crops and crafts, plenty of food trucks and concession stands, and musical entertainment. 

On Monday, August 26th around 5:40pm, the Knoxville Police Department was investigating a hit-and-run that occured on 1716 Merchants Drive in North Knoxville, located just a few blocks from Norwood Elementary School and approximately six miles from UT campus.

Here in Knoxville, locals and UT students have the chance for many different experiences, from the bustling cityscape to the rural outskirts to the east. Not everyone has had the experience of a local county fair, but now is their chance.

The 6th Annual Knox Asian Festival shared culture, food and heritage in Worlds Fair Park on Sunday, August 25.

On Tuesday, Knoxvillians everywhere will head to the polls to vote in the city’s primary election. Here is what you need to know about how the primary works, who is running and how you can vote.