Downtown Chicago during Lollapalooza 2019. 

After a beautiful and powerful first day of Lollapalooza, the fans brought out even more energy for day two to experience some of their favorite artist live. The most talked about shows throughout the day were Childish Gambino, 21 Savage, Janelle Monae, Tame Impala and Death Cab for Cutie.

Friday was packed full of wild events. Whether that was watching almost 100 wristband-less fans storm the front fence, Chance the Rapper appearing in front of surprised fans during multiple sets or Childish Gambino mesmerizing the crowd with one of the most talked about sets so far, Friday was an eventful day for all the fans and artist alike.

To get the day started, Shlump kicked off his electric set first at Perry’s stage. He definitely prepared the crowd of Perrys’s stage for the rest of the day with powerful EDM performances following his set from Cray, Yultron, Said the Sky, Party Favor, Snails and Alesso. I was standing next to a group of fans that told me they “weren’t planning on moving from this stage all day.” I found this to be the case for most of the fans at Perrys stage, that bass must be addicting.

Following Shlumps set, I followed the huge crowd of fans flooding to the American Eagle stage to catch the Chicago native Calboy perform at Lollapalooza for the first time for his hometown fans. This set might have been early in the day but it absolutely lived up to the energy level of the entire day. Calboy brought out Chance the Rapper to perform their collaborated song, “Get a Bag,” on Chance’s new album, “The Big Day.” The crowd went wild for this one and then went even crazier when he started to play the beginning beat of his hit song, “Envy Me.”

Immediately after Calboy’s hometown performance, Tyla Yaweh took the same stage to match his energy level by jumping in the middle of the crowd and performing his first song on the shoulders of a fan. (see polaroid) Tyla is has been building an incredible fan base simply by how much energy he brings to his live performances in front of his fans. During his sets, he has been one of the most interactive artists I have covered this summer. A true headliner in the making.

Later that afternoon, rising star, Tierra Whack, took the American Eagle stage wearing a shirt with a giant cartoon portrait of her own face on the front. (see polaroid) This might seem a little whack, but there was absolutely nothing whack about this performance. Tierra had her fans singing their hearts out to her hit songs, “Hungry Hippo,” “My Power,” “Only Child,” and “Pretty Ugly.” By the end of her set, she manages to steal the hearts of everyone in the crowd. I expect to be see a lot more of Tierra Whack in the future.

21 Savage took the center of the T-Mobile stage a 5pm to performed over 20 of his hit songs for the crowd in just an hour set. This was his second time at playing at Lollapalooza in the past three years. He shocked the crowd during his song “Monster” with an early appearance from Childish Gambino who came out wearing sweats, an arm sling, and an airplane neck pillow that made him look like he just hopped off the plane. He would later change before his headlining set.

Janelle Monáe also performed on the T-Mobile stage following 21 Savages set. She came out in a highly expected, stunning outfit sitting like a queen on a golden thrown center stage before her fans. Before performing her hit song, "Tightrope," Monáe took the middle of the stage to passionately preach with to the crowd that the country is “fighting for the rights of women, the people that are currently battling disabilities, the LGBTQ community, people of color, and immigrants.” She also performed hit songs, “Make Me Feel,” and “Screwed,” that had the crowd swaying back and forth, singing along.

Happening at the same time as Janelle Monáe’s set, Death Cab for Cutie was playing across Grant park at the Bud Light stage. The most memorable moment of this set for the fans was when Chance the Rapper made his second surprise appearance to perform, “Do You Remember.”

The incredibly talented rapper, NF, literally came out of his cage to perform one of the most powerful sets of the day as the sun was setting over Chicago. His style was highly similar to the young Eminem, with lightning fast rhymes and his on-stage demeanor. He left the crowd with a burning memory of his high intensity performance.

Headliner, Tame Impala, started off their set at the Bud Light stage with a rainbow of visuals and a crowd favorite song titled, “Let it Happen.”

Alesso headlined at Perry’s stage to perform his hit, “Save The World Tonight,” and told the crowd that, “This song changed my career…” before playing his mix of loose myself, originally made by One Republic. He closed his set with massive pyrotechnics and his song, “You are the melody.”

Childish Gambino is always the one to make an entrance. For his closing set, he made one incredible entrance as he stood in angelic light, shirtless, in bright white pants upon a giant hydraulic stage above the crowd. He performed crowd favorites such as, “3005,” “This is America,” “Sober,” and “Redbone,” and finished his act by high-five the fans on the front row and then mesmerizing everyone with a firework grand finale.

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