Fort Sanders

Fort Sanders monuments mark the boundaries of the fort. 

After freshman year, everyone is excited to move out of the dorms and into apartments or houses of their own. Signing a lease means signing into more cleaning responsibilities. You will find that anywhere in the Fort or other student living apartments offer more freedom — and often times more exposure to bugs, mold or other dirty-living conditions.


Encountering mold is never a pleasant experience, therefore, preventing it is a priority among residents. Health issues arising from mold are most commonly noticed from respiratory responses of the body, along with eye irritation or even headaches.

How do I prevent mold from forming? The biggest tip can be to remove moisture or wipe down any wet areas in your home. This might seem like a given, but it is easy to miss moisture sitting around your sink and right outside of your shower.

Taking the time to clean those areas, even if you have rugs around them, can help prevent moisture from being spread around the house and forming mold.

If you already have a mold problem in your home, you need to inform your management or property owner, so they can take the necessary steps to attack the mold problem. Property owners do not want mold devaluing their property, so as long as you let them know, they will step in and help deal with the mold.


They are everywhere. In the Fort especially, cockroaches are all over the place and an inevitable part of student-living. No one wants to share their apartment with bugs, but hiring an exterminator is not typically in the budget of a college student.

It is easy to buy bug traps or cockroach spray from any store, but the hard part is making the environment one that is not enticing to a wandering roach. Cockroaches are attracted to moisture, so preventing them is similar to preventing mold — make sure excess moisture is wiped up and not spread around the house.

Also, since you can’t get rid of all the food in your kitchen that may be attracting bugs, try not to leave food on dishes when you place them on the sink and be sure to wipe off the stove area each time you use it.

Another thing that makes roaches go away is light. So if you are afraid of your bedroom becoming host to some new, six-legged roommates, having light can help to some extent. This means leaving your blinds open, curtains drawn or windows uncovered can keep some bugs away.

If you begin to notice that your apartment/home is facing a very large bug problem, you should reach out to your property manager/owner. They will often times have bug services available for their residents and can call in a professional to spray an insecticide or a repellent.

Cleaning Supplies

Which supplies are most useful for college students? This area is similar to cleaning supplies you might have from your time in a dorm, so you may be able to keep some of your surplus from last year.

There are just a few additional items you might want to invest in.

You should definitely invest in a vacuum. Vacuuming frequently can really help deter bugs by sucking up the excess food particles in the carpet. If you are living with roommates, it is economically smart for you to share one vacuum.

A new aspect of your life might also be an entire kitchen to yourself. If this is the case, you will need some strong multi-surface cleaners to wipe down the counters, fridge and stove-top. Also, frequently wash the rags you use in the kitchen because those can become moist centers for bacteria to be spread throughout the kitchen.

Dust can frequently cause health problems, so finding a dusting routine that suits you is recommended. This could be using a store-bought product or a wet rag to wipe the dust off all surfaces in the house. The key to this is setting a pattern in order to frequently take care of any dust problems.

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