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With Valentine’s Day approaching, love is in the air. However, for the single people out there, it is not exactly a momentous occasion.

Whether you’re feeling lonely this V-Day, looking for something fun to do or just wanting to enjoy your own company, here are a few things to do when you’re single on Valentine’s Day.

Pal/Galentine’s Day

Even if you aren’t familiar with the classic “Parks and Recreation” idea of a Galentine’s Day, you have probably heard of the concept one way or another.

A Pal and/or Galentine’s Day is basically a chance for anyone to get together with their pals and/or gals and just have a good time and celebrate their friendships – without the significant other. While “Parks and Recreation” declares the official Galentine’s Day to be Feb. 13, you and your friends can do it any time around the holiday.

Typically, this is a time to do whatever fun things you’d like to do with your friends. You could go out to a fancy dinner together, enjoy a mimosa at brunch (if you’re of age), see a romantic movie or get a little creative and make Pal/Galentine’s cards for each other to spread the love.

Platonic relationships are just as important as romantic ones, and this is an opportunity for you to appreciate the awesome people in your life.

Have a Self-Care Night

I don’t know about you, but being a college student definitely causes many people to need some extra self-care. Yet, college students typically have the least time to do it, especially now that midterm season is approaching.

If you’re single on V-Day and wanting to spend some time loving yourself, a self-care night is the perfect choice.

Make a Target run and search for all the self-care things: face masks, candles, lotion and bath bombs.

Grab some snacks – there will definitely be plenty of chocolates to choose from – and prepare for what is probably a very much-needed night to yourself.

Sometimes taking the time to focus on yourself and just spending time alone is what we need to recuperate, and what better time to do this than the day that celebrates love?

Live Your Best Life

“Living your best life” is a very subjective phrase. This could mean a variety of things depending on the person, but if you’re feeling a little down this Valentine’s Day, this may be exactly what you need to do.

Perhaps living your best life is going shopping for something that will make you feel a million times better, whether that’s a new outfit or that new game you’ve been dying to play. Or, maybe you want to do something completely unexpected of yourself (bangs, anyone?) to switch things up.

No matter how you define “living your best life,” if you think you’re in need of a distraction to get your mind out of the gutter this weekend, think about what could help you do that and go for it – just make sure you’re staying safe.

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love, but it doesn’t have to be romantic. It can be a celebration of platonic love for friends, love for your family or, perhaps most important, love for yourself.

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