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“Lapis x Labyrinth” is the newest game from Japanese developer NIS. 

In tales of fantasy and myth, countless adventurers put their lives on the line, fighting all number of terrible beasts and foes in the pursuit of one thing: treasure. 

While these adventures typically are rewarded with treasure at the end of their journey, “Lapis x Labyrinth” gets straight to the point, rewarding constant gratification for killing hordes of monsters.

“Lapis x Labyrinth” is the newest game from Japanese developer Nippon Ichi Software (aka NIS) to hit American soil. In this action RPG, players will assemble a team of four adventurers to delve into the depths of a mysterious labyrinth in search of the mythical “Golden Tree.”

This game is a ton of fun. While it might be simple, its core gameplay loop of traveling through the labyrinth, defeating monsters and earning loads of treasure is an absolute blast.

“Simple” could be used to describe almost everything in this game, from its story to its gameplay; but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. “Lapis x Labyrinth” throws you right into the action immediately, not bogging down the experience with an overly complicated or dramatic story. You’re an adventurer that’s come to the town for loot — now go and get it.

The game features a beautiful yet adorable art style. The characters are small and cute, and the little bits of voice-acting just added to their cuteness. The labyrinths themselves are a feast for the eyes. “Lapis x Labyrinth” proves that a game doesn’t need cutting-edge graphics to look amazing.

The controls are easy to learn, but hard to master. Sure, you could probably get through the game by simply mashing the two attack buttons, but by learning the intricacies of each character's move set, you can truly dominate your foes.

One of the biggest things that makes “Lapis x Labyrinth” unique is its “fever mode.” As you defeat monsters, the “fever gauge” fills up slowly. When it is full, you not only become invincible, but hundreds of jewels begin to spew out of enemies and blocks that you attack. This is probably the most satisfying thing I have experienced in a video game.

One way that the game mixes up gameplay is by offering eight different playable classes, each with a slightly different playstyle. Each class plays slightly differently, letting you decide how you want to take on each labyrinth.

“Lapis x Labyrinth” offers a slew of ways that players can customize their players. From cosmetic customization such as hair color and outfits to weapon customization, there is seemingly no end to how deep you can get into slightly tweaking your characters little by little.

One of the only complaints that I have about the game is that it is slightly repetitive. Long play sessions of this game are unlikely, as the game is essentially the same from beginning to end. This isn’t the biggest issue, and I always found myself eagerly coming back to it.

While “Lapis x Labyrinth” might not blow your mind or keep you playing for a hundred hours, it’s gameplay loop will keep you coming back day after day. When you combine this with fantastic presentation, its clear that this game is worth getting, especially if you love treasure.


Game reviewed on a PS4 Pro. Review copy provided by NIS America.

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