'The Bachelorette': Jed Wyatt and Hannah Brown

THE BACHELORETTE – “1501” – It’s a tractor…It’s a plane…It’s the self-appointed king of the jungle! Hannah’s search for fierce love is matched with fierce competition as one hopeful bachelor sets a high bar by jumping the fence, while another pops out from the limo, in true beast fashion. At the end of the day, whether he is a golf pro looking to be Hannah’s hole-in-one, a Box King seeking a woman who checks all his boxes, or a man with a custom-made pizza delivery, everyone wants a piece of Hannah’s heart on the highly anticipated 15th season of “The Bachelorette,” which premiered Monday, May 13 on The ABC Television Network. 

East Tennessee's Jed Wyatt put his strength to the test in week 3 of “The Bachelorette.”

Wyatt joined Mike, Cam, Tyler C., Kevin, Jonathan, Mateo and John Paul Jones for a trip to a studio where they tested their limits. Each bachelor was given simulations of what it's like to breastfeed, carry and birth a child.

'American Pie”'s Jason Biggs and actress Jenny Mollen helped Hannah test the guy's knowledge and strength in regards to women's health and child-bearing abilities.

After acing some trivia questions themed around pregnancy, Jed took a turn wearing a baby bump, feeling as though he was going to fall over because the belly was so heavy.

“I can see how they talk about their lower back hurting,” Jed said. “That was insane.”

Next, the bachelors were strapped up to an electric shock machine that stimulates the feeling of birthing a child. Kevin volunteered to go first, with Jed shortly following.

“When I got with Jed, there's just an obvious connection of just, like, doing this together,” Hannah said.

That connection followed as Jed stole Hannah away for the first one-on-one at the cocktail party.

“I had so much fun with Jed. I always have so much fun with Jed,” Hannah said. “I just feel like after everything today, we already have a good connection.”

The pair shared a laugh about Hannah wanting to visit Nashville, and Jed knowing a guy that could show her around. After a laugh, Jed turned serious to confess the budding relationship was important to him.

“Our relationship obviously is the most important thing for me and I want to build that and to be honest, the time that I have, I want more of it,” Jed said. “I'll do whatever I have to do.”

The whole process is “blowing (his) mind,” as he said he “could not have expected to feel this way.”

“It just keeps getting more and more real.”

Believing in good luck, Jed had Hannah throw a chicken nugget off the roof with him, making a wish that she could only reveal when he received a one-on-one date.

“I showed initiative and dove into the whole process of being with her,” Jed said. “And I think she appreciated it and I would say tonight was for sure the first real step in our relationship.”

'Luke's self-imploding'

Luke P. had another hit-or-miss night, with more misses than hits. Hannah started to catch onto his clinginess, though, as he continued to want to be by her during the second group date of the night, which was a group photoshoot.

“He doesn't have to be beside me the whole time to know we're good. We're good,” Hannah said. “I need him to slow his roll. He is not guaranteed this and I have a lot of other relationships that are really great, too.”

Even as the first set of guys were on their group date, Luke P. remained confident that none of the other bachelors matched him.

“There's some really good guys here, but she has to compare them with me,” Luke P. said. “And I know that when she does that, she's gonna realize, 'Man, these guys are great, but they're not Luke.'”

Hannah wasn't impressed by Luke P., saying his stole the show, but “in a negative way.”

“I've been struggling with it (connection with Luke P.) because I just feel like you already think it's promised to you and that bothers me a lot,” Hannah said. “I feel like your confidence in this kind of makes me irritated in a way.”

Luke P. continued to try to cut into other people's time, but Hannah continued to push him off.

“Luke P. was shellshocked tonight,” Garrett said. “He kind of thought he was in control amongst this group, but then he saw the way you (Peter) and Hannah interacted and it rocked the boat.”

After waiting and claiming to have had no time with Hannah, Luke P. tried to stop Peter from grabbing her. As the conversation heated up, Luke P. admitted that he “can't stand this process.”

“He's a little unstable right now,” Luke S. said. “I'm actually worried about him.”

Luke P. received a rose in the rose ceremony, giving him another week to prove himself. And as episode previews show, it looks like Luke P. is sticking around for a few more episodes.

'This is my worst nightmare'

Cam still wasn't happy with the time he got with Hannah, even after crashing a group date in last week's episode.

“In totality, I think I've had the least amount of time with her,” Cam said to the other bachelors on the first group date of the night.

Cam forced his one-on-one time, cutting in at least four times as Brown sat with Mike after the group date.

“He said, 'I have something important to say,' as if I didn't have something important to sat myself. Sit yo' ass down, let me have my moment with Hannah. Because my moment is important. He's going to quickly realize you're not going to play that way.” Mike

After Mike received the group date rose, Cam expressed his frustration, mentioning all that he sacrificed to be on “The Bachelorette.”

“I had to resign from a job that I worked very hard to get,” Cam said. “To me, that's the boldest gesture you can do.”

Cam continued to make himself seem like a victim, as he claimed once more before a tailgate party, organized by Hannah in lieu of a cocktail party, that he needed time with Hannah first because he had a sad story to share.

Mike instantly said he wouldn't respect Cam's request, with most of the other bachelors chuckling.

“Cam is one of those guys who has not been respectful, and now he wants us to respect him and to give him the first go,” Luke S. said. “It's infuriating.”

Mike, who has bickered with both Luke P. and Cam since the show started two weeks ago, shared with Hannah Cam's plan to tell a story to make her pity him.

“I really did appreciate Cam being vulnerable but what Cam did today was a little manipulative,” Hannah said. “That is just really disheartening because this is my life, this is my future and I don't give pity roses.”

After telling the guys of his plan, Cam proceeded to write letters to the guys, saying he thought he was leaving and thanking them for their friendship at the mansion. Cam felt betrayed, however, when Hannah pulled him aside to tell him that “This isn't just about cocktail parties and staying.”

“When I go home because of (this), I'm going to be devastated,” Cam said.

Cam's suspensions came true, as his ticket home was punched.

“I still can't believe when I was as most vulnerable as I've ever been,” Cam said in his final interview,

“People were questioning my integrity.”

So, who's left?

Hannah made sure that the bachelors knew her intentions heading into the rose ceremony, saying, “if you get a rose, it is not a pity rose.”

After Mike and Peter's group roses, Connor's one-on-one date rose and the unexplained departure of Tyler G., Jed received the first rose of the ceremony. Tyler C., Dustin, Dylan, Grant, Luke P., Garrett, John Paul Jones, Mateo, Devin, Luke S. and Kevin also received roses, returning next week.

“It gets harder and harder every week to stand up here in front of you guys and make these decisions,” Hannah said.

“For those of you that are still here,” Hannah added, “I'm excited about our future.” 

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