All Knoxville drivers know the not-so-great experience of I-40, the main interstate running through the area of East Tennessee. However, TDOT has just released information that may make these commutes a little less stressful: Speed limits on the interstate are increasing.

According to a press release from TDOT, 87 to 98 percent of drivers were already going over the 55 mph speed limit. The main reason that the limit was so low in the first place was due to an initiative to try to lower the air pollution in Knoxville, and it worked.

Some of the locations have already been changed, and some of the locations still await the replacement.

Here are the locations that are changing or have already changed:

  • I-40 between the I-40/I-75 split at Watt Road and the I-640: 65 mph.
  • I-40 from mile marker 385.2 to the Cherry Street exit: 60 mph.
  • I-40 from mile marker 390 to near the Asheville Highway exit and Strawberry Plains exits: 65 mph.
  • I-40 from mile marker 396 to past the Sevierville exit: 70 mph.
  • I-640 from the I-40 split to mile marker 3.6: 65 mph.
  • I-640 from mile marker 3.6 to the I-40 split: 65 mph.

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