'The Bachelorette': Jed Wyatt and Hannah Brown

THE BACHELORETTE – “1501” – It’s a tractor…It’s a plane…It’s the self-appointed king of the jungle! Hannah’s search for fierce love is matched with fierce competition as one hopeful bachelor sets a high bar by jumping the fence, while another pops out from the limo, in true beast fashion. At the end of the day, whether he is a golf pro looking to be Hannah’s hole-in-one, a Box King seeking a woman who checks all his boxes, or a man with a custom-made pizza delivery, everyone wants a piece of Hannah’s heart on the highly anticipated 15th season of “The Bachelorette,” which premiered Monday, May 13 on The ABC Television Network. 

“The Bachelorette” found its way to Amsterdam for week seven, and East Tennessee’s Jed Wyatt found himself with the first ‘I love you’ from Hannah Brown.

Monday night’s episode started in the Netherlands, with the six remaining bachelors vowing for Hannah’s heart. Jed, however, got the first chance of the night with the first one-on-one date.

In his goofy fashion, Jed and Hannah laughed their way through Amsterdam, with Jed at one point asking Hannah if she “accept(ed) this pansy?” and the pair heel clicking and dancing their day away.

“Jed is up for everything,” Hannah said. “Excited for everything.”

The pair came across an older couple, who said they had been together for over 50 years after marrying just 10 days after meeting. After talking to the couple, Jed said he wished Hannah would open up with him about her feelings.

“This is all growing so much for both of us and I think it would actually make you feel better if you just open up,” Jed said.

Hannah said when she talks to the other guys, her mind often wanders back to Jed, adding that she “really want(s) to (open up) because Jed is worth (her) trying for.”

During their dinner the night of their date, Hannah said she’s stuck in her feelings, not wanting to share too much and hurt any of the bachelors the way she has been hurt. But, the bachelorette opened up after some coaxing from Jed.

“The click of the heels and that kiss in front of that organ finally made me feel confident and feel safe to say,” Hannah said. “Jed, I’m falling in love with you.”

Jed displayed his shock and amazement first and foremost, adding that his heart was through the roof.

“I’m shaking inside because I think I’ve known it for a little while but I haven’t said it at all,” Hannah said. “It feels really good but it feels really scary because I don’t know how this ends for me.”

“I’m falling in love with you,” Jed said. “I’m not going to be able to sleep for three days.”

Hannah didn’t hesitate to give Jed the rose, adding that she can’t wait to meet his family and “find out what makes Jed, Jed.”

We’re like way over Luke...

I mean, aren’t you too? The Luke drama continued on Monday night’s episode, although more subdued than previous episodes.

Teased multiple times during the first hour of the episode, the drama didn’t really start until the second hour of the episode.

After Connor sent himself home and Mike was sent home by Hannah, the Luke drama started as he wished for Mike to go home to give him a better chance at getting a rose at the rose ceremony.

“I mean you guys are in my way,” Luke said. “Just being completely honest.”

Luke added that he has sat in the same room with some of the other bachelors and had a good time, but Tyler shut him down quickly: “We have to put up with you.”

Soon after the start of his group date with Peter and Garrett, Luke pulled Hannah aside to share that he’s fed up with the drama and name-calling from the other guys.

“I don’t get why people won’t be kind to you,” Hannah said, but Luke continued to share that the drama has helped him see sides of her that he doesn’t think the other guys have seen.

Mentioning a conversation with Garrett the night before, Hannah then went to a one-on-one with Garrett to ask why the two of them could not get along. Garrett shared his frustrations with Hannah that his one-on-one time during the date was spent being asked about his conversations with Luke.

“I’ve got things that I really want to tell you. Good things,” Garrett said. “And it’s still the Luke P. show right now.”

“I know for a fact right now, I will not go home because of Luke P.,” Garrett said, adding to Luke that he saw the look on her face and that Luke’s time on the show was coming to an end.

According to Garrett, Luke didn’t “stay in (his) lane,” adding that Hannah is going to know that “everything (Luke) says is sh**.”

And we kind of agree. Twisting his words to say that Hannah asked what Luke thought of him, we all know he’s lying.

“I’ve been nothing but truthful with Hannah,” Luke yelled at Garrett. “And you’re not going to mess it up.”

Luke also threw bologna in Garrett’s lap, saying that all that Garrett says is bologna. Garrett in all his southern charm just said he’d put it back on the snack platter on the table. Luke left the room to find Peter and let him know about the altercation, where Peter brought up the “stay in your lane” metaphor.

By now, we all know that Luke doesn’t know how to drive though, right?

That didn’t keep him from getting the rose, though, sending Garrett and his southern charm home.

So, who’s left?

Receiving the one-on-one date rose, Jed and Tyler survived. The final two roses of the night went to Peter and Luke on the group date. Connor sent himself home, Mike didn’t receive a rose on his one-on-one and Garrett was sent home after the group date.

“I definitely feel heartbroken and it hurts,” Connor said.

Buckle your seatbelts, though, because the preview for next week’s episode looks to provide good dramatic entertainment, with Hannah and Luke having a conversation about sex that leads to Hannah exclaiming, “I’ve had sex, and you know what? Jesus still loves me.” 

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