Andrew's Bald

A view from Andrew's Bald, a hike accessed from the Clingman's Dome parking lot. 

We are in some very interesting – and admittedly dark – times right now.

That being said, it may be disheartening to those who love spring, or even those who just wanted to enjoy the warmer weather coming soon, that we are currently being advised to stay home and social distance.

However, that does not mean we cannot celebrate the new season. Spring is a time of renewal, and that is certainly something all of us need at the moment. Here are a few ways to enjoy spring while social distancing and staying safe.

Go for a walk outside

Although we are advised to limit social interactions and stay home as much as possible, that does not mean we are not allowed to go outside and get some fresh air.

So long as you are practicing proper social distancing — staying at least six feet away from others — you should be fine.

Gyms may be closed, but you can get some exercise by simply walking around your neighborhood or going to a nearby park. You’ll be able to feel the fresh air and sunlight on your skin after being shut away for so long and it will give you some much-needed time outside of the house.

Take a hike

Spring is perfect hiking weather. It’s not too hot and not too cold; and to quote “Miss Congeniality,” “...all you need is a light jacket.”

This will also give you an opportunity to possibly take a bit of a drive to your destination. Going for a walk around the neighborhood or at the park is nice, but with the extended period we will be indoors – likely in just one building – it may be exactly what you need to travel a greater distance.

Hiking is also great exercise and you’ll be able to encounter the beautiful and changing nature around us. Spring is when everything begins blooming again after winter and you’ll surely see some incredible sights while getting some likely long overdue time away from quarantine.

Go for a drive

While this one may be the simplest, social distancing and quarantining don’t mean you can’t drive around.

I don’t know about you, but even when not facing a pandemic I thoroughly enjoy going for a drive. The new spring weather is perfect for rolling your windows down, turning the music up and possibly scream-singing after all that time cooped up in the house.

Even though you are probably spending a lot of time alone already, you’d be surprised how great it can make you feel to simply get out of the house and feel the fresh air while listening to some of your favorite music. It’s incredibly freeing and you can certainly enjoy the new season while doing this.

Also, since you are driving you can possibly go far, far away from where you have been quarantining to get a break, which is something all of us will need soon.

We may not have many options for how to make the most of spring this year, but doing these few things will definitely help you to get outside and feel the renewing warm air and see the beautiful and changing natural world around us.

Hopefully you can enjoy this weather and it can bring a bit of positivity and light to the current gloomy situations.

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