Thrift shopping is like searching for buried treasure -- you’re not sure where it is, what it looks like or how long it will take you to find it. But, millennials on Instagram have made finding thrifted gems as easy as scrolling through your feed, and they’re making serious doubloons.

The winter season is dwindling and spring is right around the corner, so here are a few spring and summer “must haves” for your wardrobe for this upcoming season. These items pair well with things you might already have in your closet and can bring more diversity to your outfits this spring season.

Spring is right around the corner, which means spring fashion additions are about to become a staple in any fashionable wardrobe. Here are some thrifty shops around Knoxville where you can find fashionable, trendy clothing on a college student’s budget, as well as find some interesting vinta…

As the chilly weather sets in, it’s time to bring out sweaters and boots that have been tucked away since the winter (if you haven’t already). Fall is not only an exciting season for new fashion trends because of the change in temperatures, layers, color palettes and more aspects of cool wea…


Although the pandemic has threatened to slow the releases of various musicians, these artists haven’t missed a beat. As always, it’s important to highlight and recognize the creative triumphs of black artists in the music industry. Here’s the newest music from black artists.


So, you’ve discovered the most effective exercises, found the most nutritious foods and finally got in the mood to work out. Now, are you ready to do those exercises, eat that food and maintain that motivation consistently throughout your entire life?

This week on the Music Minute, host Miles Dickerson reviews American Football's album American Football.


“Rising High,” one of Netflix’s newest films, premiered last week. It’s a story of rise and fall, as the protagonist is forced to face his mistakes amidst pressure from the government.  

I remember when I was in middle school, me and my friends talked endlessly about one game: “Fallout 3.” We were fascinated by the world and gameplay, the dark human and inventive vision of post-nuclear Washington D.C. I also remember very distinctly of us dreaming up our ideal “Fallout” game…


The games industry is still pumping out new experiences. This summer will be a big one for fans of all genres and all platforms.


When Joanie Stewart heard that Tennessee was issuing a stay-at-home order, she was deeply worried. Gov. Bill Lee called it a “safer-at-home” order, but for the victims of domestic violence, for whom Stewart serves as executive director of the Family Justice Center in Knoxville, the order mea…


One of my favorite things to do is watch live theatre. Watching a story unravel right in front of you is a feeling unmatched by any other medium. Sadly, unlike movies, television or video games, you can’t really go to a live theatre show during a global pandemic. Luckily for theatre lovers s…

Despite what you might expect, the coronavirus hasn’t halted the entertainment industry. Companies like Disney and Netflix still release new content on their streaming platforms. This week is full of new, varied releases. Here’s what to check out on streaming platforms this week.


Sports play a major role in millions of people’s lives all over America and the world, something that’s shown even greater during the coronavirus. Massive stadiums and arenas across the world have the capability for a massive carbon footprint.


E-waste, the shortened term for electronic waste, is a relatively new environmental worry that poses a threat, with long-standing, harmful health and environmental effects. While it is important to keep in mind, the overall goal is to reduce electronics consumption in order to reduce e-waste…

The newest chapter of the “Naruto” sequel, “Boruto,” just released, coming out of Shueisha’s “V Jump” magazine. And chapter 45, despite lacking the intense action that has made the last few months of “Boruto” so exciting for readers, brings an equal amount of thrill and intrigue in the form …


It's time for the Yearly Wrap-Up! Take a look back at the past school year with your host, Austin Orr! May the force be with you no matter how far you are from Rocky Top!

Many have long since accepted the established effects of climate change — global warming, the melting of the polar ice caps and rising sea levels, to name a few. However, scientists also hypothesize that climate change may have new effects that they are not yet able to predict and now, under…

Going into the 2020 presidential election, one of the hottest issues is climate change. With each passing year, Earth’s situation seems to worsen. Now more than ever, people are calling on their governments and their leaders to make changes to save the planet. 

“Reduce, reuse, recycle” is a saying many American children grew up with, repeated verbatim to encourage more environmentally friendly mindsets. But what if that adage is wrong? What if recycling isn’t as beneficial as we once supposed?

This week on the Music Minute, host Miles Dickerson reviews Paramore's Way's album Paramore.

In the first days of spring break and the stay-at-home fiasco, I developed a fever and chills. I was lethargic all day and got muscle aches whenever I tried to move. Taking a shower or walking to the bathroom were activities that could leave me dizzy and dry heaving.


Now that we all have more time on our hands, and as the semester is coming to a close (and, you know, we’re in quarantine), this is a perfect time to binge something on Netflix.

In this episode, Kailee talks about the top 3 shows streaming on Netflix: Tiger King, Ozark, and All American. Check out What to Watch Wednesday every week for new TV shows and movies to watch!

Here are all the movies and series premiering or becoming available on streaming services this week. As movie theaters have been closed due to the pandemic, many movies set to premiere in theaters are premiering on streaming services for a rental fee comparable to ticket costs.

Back in March, we did a list that covered some of the films that studios have had to delay due to the outbreak of COVID-19, and unfortunately many at the time hadn’t come up with new release dates. However, a few weeks have passed since then, and studios have once again begun to announce rel…


On Tuesday afternoon, Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs released a proposal for a phased reopening of the economy that he hopes will go into effect in the coming weeks. The proposal details the procedures that businesses could take to safely reopen while still helping slow the spread of COVID-19.

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