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If you’re no stranger to the Japanese manga industry, you’ve very likely heard of “Weekly Shonen Jump.”

Founded by publishing company Shueisha in the summer of 1968, the magazine began its run with a bi-weekly distribution under the title “Shonen Jump.” However, when it’s predecessor and sister magazine “Shonen Book” ended its run in 1969, “Shonen Jump” transformed into the legendary “Weekly Shonen Jump” and would go on to become the most read manga magazine in circulation.

I read a handful of series in “WSJ” every week, and I’ll be giving you a short rundown of what I thought about the chapters, my predictions moving forward and a numeric rating to quantify how I felt about it. If there’s a series you’d like to see in the line-up, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do.

“One Piece” Chapter 970

Wow! This chapter really was what the entire Oden Kozuki Flashback arc has been building up to. Obviously there’s more to come involving the fates of the characters and how everything came to be for the present day in the Land of Wano, but this chapter really hit a home run for me.

There was one panel in particular where the art was particularly stunning, and it’s become one of my favorite panels from the entire series.

With this, I think things are winding down with the Oden flashback arc. We’ll have maybe two or three more chapters and after that we’ll return to the present storyline with an entirely new understanding of the greater narrative of the Wano Kuni arc.

Overall, I’m ready to dive back into what Oda has described as the most climactic storyline he’s written yet.


“My Hero Academia” Chapter 259

Similarly to “One Piece,” “My Hero Academia” has hit a home run. After such a long stretch of short story arcs coming off the heels of the Overhaul arc, I was really taken by surprise when Horikoshi seemingly jumped into a massive series of upcoming battles.

One issue its predecessor “Naruto” had was the rapidly expanding cast, and it was criticized for that. However, this chapter has highlighted how huge the “My Hero Academia” world is, and I don’t think the series is suffering from it at all.

With tensions having been on the rise for the past few volumes, I think “My Hero Academia” is about to have an incredible few months.


“Promised Neverland” Chapter – On Break

No new chapter this week. Come back next time.

Chainsaw Man” Chapter 56

There are two big issues “Chainsaw Man” has historically had throughout its run, the first is the art and the second is the story. Tatsuki Fujimoto has never hit the height its debut chapter made with narrative, and the art has always been sub-par.

However, after reading this chapter, I feel as though there has been a modest improvement in the quality of the art.

It’s a fitting point for this development as the most recent chapters have been developing a new story arc.

I don’t have high hopes for the writing moving forward, but at least “Chainsaw Man” always makes it feel like something entertaining is going to happen.


“Undead Unluck” Chapter 3

Since my initial review of the first chapter, I’ve been very happy with how “Undead Unluck” has been playing out. Whereas the story definitely took a turn, I wasn’t expecting in chapter two, the third chapter has actually kept the momentum and the story flowing very well.

Furthermore, while the first chapter made the action elements feel as though they’d be largely just a bloody hack and slash, Yoshifumi Tozuka is proving that he can write much more creatively than that. There is a moderate amount of intellect being employed by Andy, also known as Undead, which is fitting based on his immortal longevity.

The one concern I have is Tozuka’s use of Andy’s age as a way to solve problems. In chapter two, we saw that Andy has hidden armories all across the world, and in chapter three we now see that he has illegal means of transportation ready to his every whim. This won’t be a problem if Andy’s past is well fleshed out, but if it’s abused, it would sour the story.


“Mashle: Magic and Muscles” Chapter 2

I was hoping “Mashle” would start to stand on its own two feet this chapter. While it’s certainly taking its own route story-wise, this chapter had a massive drop in humor. Of course, the chapter was still meant to be funny, but the issue is the fact that it simply wasn’t.

The characters felt dryer this chapter, and the art again wasn’t anything special. If Komoto is looking for long term success with this series, I think it would be prudent of him to start developing a real plot line with character conflict. Trying to mimic the “One Punch Man” formula is not going to cut it.


“Guardian of the Witch” Chapter 1

I wrote an entire article about this one. Check it out here!

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