Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Did you ever play with Hot Wheels as a kid? Do you remember taping your favorite toy figurines to the top and sending them racing across the kitchen floor, only to have your mother yell at you to stop making a mess? That pretty much encompasses what it is like to play “Totally Reliable Delivery Service.” It is a toybox approach to wacky, open world action.

“Totally Reliable Delivery Service” is a chaotic, physics-based delivery game where you control your very own blobby postal worker. Your job is simple: complete a variety of delivery jobs that dot the tiny island you inhabit. However, the catch is that your character has all of the finesses of a slug as they fumble with their deliveries.

The player controls two hands separately for their character. They can grab onto objects and raise or lower their arms depending on the situation. While it sounds easy enough, the real fun starts whenever you have to multitask. Some delivery jobs require you to utilize certain machinery or vehicles. 

What would normally be an effortless job becomes a Herculean task when you combine it with some of the wacky delivery jobs. What do you do whenever you have to drive up a mountain in a golf cart with one hand on the wheel and another on the package? Or what do you do whenever you and a friend have a certain amount of time to get to the bottom of a cliff with a package, and you only have one hang glider to share? 

Speaking of friends, playing “Totally Reliable Delivery Service” with some friends or family is an absolute must. While you can technically play this game solo, you are missing out on half the fun this game can give. While there are deliveries to complete and vehicles and cosmetics to unlock, nothing here is enough to keep a solo player’s attention. However, where “Totally Reliable Delivery Service” shines is having a sandbox rife with chaotic possibilities that you and your friends can share and laugh in.

The greatest strength of “Totally Reliable Delivery Service” is also its greatest weakness: its open world. From the get-go, every location and every delivery job are available to you from the start. You can visit the island vacation spot of Happy Clam Resort or the ruins that sit atop the eastern island if you wish. As long as you have the means, you have the ability to go anywhere. While this freedom sounds good at first, you’ll begin to realize that there really isn’t much to keep you playing since everything is given to you. Even the vehicles you unlock for your garage can be found in the open world for free, making progression largely feel pointless.

Overall, if you’re interested in glitchy physics and hilarious hijinks with your friends, then “Totally Reliable Delivery Service” is the game for you. However, if you’re looking for something to occupy your time, you’re better off looking somewhere else.

Game reviewed on an Xbox One X.

3/5 Torches

3 Torch

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