This week in streaming

Here are all the movies and series premiering or becoming available on streaming services this week. As movie theaters have been closed due to the pandemic, many movies set to premiere in theaters are premiering on streaming services for a rental fee comparable to ticket costs.

“My Spy”

Set to be released on Friday, this is a film about an unlikely duo: a child and a CIA operative. In a deal to teach Sophie the ways of spies, both characters end up learning more than they bargained for. Starring Dave Bautista, Kristen Schaal and Ken Jeong, “My Spy” will be available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video.

“The Innocence Files”

The internet has become obsessed with documentaries during quarantine, so here’s a new limited series to watch. “The Innocence Files,” which investigates wrongful convictions and explores criminal justice reforms, premieres Wednesday on Netflix.

“Too Hot to Handle”

Coming to Netflix, this new reality TV show follows singles competing for $100,000 with the catch that they give up sex for the duration of the show. Season one premieres Friday. Considering the current popularity of dating shows like “The Bachelor” and Netflix’s own “Love is Blind,” this show is an interesting twist on dating in the world of reality TV.

“Outer Banks”

Another Netflix season one premiere on Wednesday is “Outer Banks,” a new teen drama about a group of friends on a hunt to find mysterious treasure that may lead to new information about the past. This series stars fairly new faces such as Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline.


Starring Vin Diesel, this film about a marine brought back from the dead and turned bionic human, focuses on revenge and conspiracy, all while giving the audience plenty of violence and action. Although this film was released about two weeks ago, it is available on streaming services such as YouTube and Amazon Prime Video for purchase.

Season 6 of “Bosch”

This Amazon original series follows Detective Harry Bosch as he’s caught up in complicated trials and investigations, trying to navigate the mess. The sixth season of “Bosch” comes to Amazon Prime video on Friday.


Wagner Moura, known for his role as Pablo Escobar in the popular Netflix series “Narcos,” stars together with Ana de Armas in this Netflix-produced film, which tells the story of a UN diplomat struggling to survive amidst violent and destructive bombings in Iraq while he’s there. “Sergio” premieres Friday.

“Rising High”

Also premiering this Friday on Netflix is this film, starring David Kross, which follows the rise and fall of two friends attempting to get rich through real estate in Berlin. It seems to be an interesting take on business and partying, like a German take on “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

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