People often say they “went to a fight and a hockey game broke out” in describing the aggressive nature of hockey as a sport, and the frequent fights that it entails. No hockey game is complete without a brawl, and this game was no different.

On Friday night, the Knoxville Ice Bears took on the Pensacola Ice Flyers at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium and Coliseum. The Ice Bears were victorious against the Ice Flyers by a score of 3-0.

This season the Ice Bears are hosting theme nights, Friday being Harry Potter-themed. The KCAC was filled with fans supporting the Ice Bears by donning merchandise, wizard robes and the colors of their respective Hogwarts houses.

The team was selling shirts with the Ice Bears logo in the different colors of the four houses to celebrate, and fans even got the opportunity to play a game of quidditch on the ice in between the first and second periods, which seemed to entertain the crowd.

One fan that appreciated the theme was Lauren Trupovnieks, who spoke about her experience at the game.

“I appreciated the small details about the Harry Potter theme, they’re really committed to the theme,” Trupovnieks said.

Hockey games, unlike other sports, have three 20-minute periods, with two 17-minute breaks in between the first and second and the second and third periods.

At the end of the first period, neither team had scored, and there wasn’t a fight in sight. The crowd seemed restless, but chants broke out as fans cheered on the Ice Bears.

In the time between the first two periods, the KCAC kept the crowd lively with antics such as a kiss cam, dance competition, music and a raffle.

However, second period definitely brought more excitement. Half a minute into the second period, the Ice Bears scored. With a few penalties for both teams and now a point added to the scoreboard, most of the 3,900 fans were on their feet frequently.

In the break between the second and third periods, the crowd seemed eager to participate in the activities put on, such as a skating competition, dancing to the YMCA and a lottery ticket giveaway.

The most popular activity during this time though, was a puck throwing contest in which fans threw soft pucks onto the ice, aiming for a cauldron which would award them $225 if they did. No puck landed in, but the nearest one gave its thrower the money.

The third period brought the most drama to the ice. Less than a minute into the third period, the fight of the game erupted, sending both players to the penalty box. Then, less than ten seconds after that, the Ice Bears scored. In the time that followed, the crowd was enthusiastically cheering on their team.

“Honestly I feel like we scored a lot of points, which doesn’t happen a lot in hockey,” Trupovnieks said.

With half a minute left in the game, the Ice Bears scored yet another goal, ending the game and defeating the Ice Flyers.

For more information about the Knoxville Ice Bears games, visit their website.

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