Jersey Boys

“Jersey Boys” is returning to the live stage and will be showing at the Historic Tennessee Theatre from May 3 to 5. This classic musical tells the triumphant story of Frank Valli and The Four Seasons as they transition from an unknown Jersey boy band to celebrity rock stars.

The band’s unique sound catapulted the boys into the limelight, but as always, there is more to their story than just their musical success. Don’t miss your chance to experience the untold story behind Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.

Tickets can be purchased on the Tennessee Theatre’s website.

Madwoman of Chaillot

“The Madwoman of Chaillot” is currently showing at Clarence Brown Theatre here on UT’s campus and will continue to run through May 12. The production is a French comedy that made its first debut over six decades ago in 1945. The play takes place in Paris and follows the Countess Aurelia as she attempts to stop oil workers from drilling below her beloved city.

The play features a variety of odd and interesting characters but also maintains a more serious tone with its political commentary.

Tickets are available on the Knoxville Tickets website.

Not That Jewish

This one-woman, autobiographical show stars Monica Piper, an Emmy Award winner and Golden Globe nominee. The play is a comedy, yet it also addresses more serious topics such as religion, family, morals and more. Piper tells the story of her life, including growing up Jewish in the Bronx and her journey to become a Broadway actress.

The production focuses heavily on the role that Judaism has taken in her life — particularly what it really means to be Jewish. The play will be showing throughout Memorial Day weekend, from May 24 to 26, at the Bijou Theatre.

Tickets are available on the Ticketmaster website.

Mother’s Day with Leanne Morgan

This special comedic event is coming to Knoxville this Mother’s Day. The show features comedian Leanne Morgan, who is herself a mother to three children. Morgan’s unique comedy utilizes simultaneously reality and storytelling; her content is characterized by her incorporation of her Southern attitude and lifestyle, as well as her anecdotal tales about her day to day life.

Morgan has performed comedy across the entire country and has been featured several times on television, including “The View,” “The Dr. Phil Show,” alongside Paula Deen and more.

The performance is on May 11, and tickets are available on the Ticketmaster website.

Hal & Phil Off the Record VI

Hal & Phil Off the Record is an annual event which is held at the Bijou Theatre and benefits Sevier County Food Ministries. The performance is a talent show which features a great variety of diverse acts. This year’s lineup includes everything from juggling to traditional musical performances.

Comedian Karen Mills will also be performing as well as Gary Biscuit Davis, who is an international banjo champion who typically plays at Dolly Parton’s Stampede. The event will be a night filled with unique and eccentric acts, all while contributing to a greater cause.

The event is May 7 at the Bijou, and tickets are available on the News Talk 98.7 website.

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