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The games industry is still pumping out new experiences. This summer will be a big one for fans of all genres and all platforms.

Here are some big releases to look out for.

Predator: Hunting Grounds: April 24

The latest game from the popular sci-fi franchise takes inspiration from “Dead by Daylight,” and “Friday the 13th.”

“Predator: Hunting Grounds” places one player in control of the titular alien hunter. This player will try to eliminate four other players as they work together to either accomplish various missions or eliminate it in turn.

“Hunting Grounds” releases for PS4 and PC.

XCOM: Chimera Squad: April 24

XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2 breathed new life into the turn-based strategy genre in 2012 and 2016 respectively.

Firaxis surprised XCOM fans last week by announcing “XCOM: Chimera Squad,” the full-length follow-up to XCOM 2. After XCOM liberated Earth from alien invaders, humans and aliens are trying to live in peace. It’s up to the titular Chimera Squad, a joint alien-human task force, to keep that peace.

Turn-based strategy fans shouldn’t miss this one on PC.

Trials of Mana: April 24

While first released in 1995, “Trials of Mana” never received an English release until 2019’s “Collection of Mana.”

A year later, “Trials” is receiving a 3D remake. Unlike many 1990s RPGs, “Trials” doesn’t limit players to turn-based attacks. Instead, players take control of one of three characters in real-time combat.

The remake releases for PC, Switch and PS4.

Gears Tactics: April 28

“Gears of War” popularized the third-person shooter, but “Gears Tactics” will take the series into the turn-based strategy genre.

“Tactics” occurs prior to the first game’s story, following a new set of characters as they fight against the Locust Horde. This looks like a good game for those unfamiliar with turn-based strategy.

It will release for PC and Xbox One.

Minecraft Dungeons: May 26

Minecraft moves away from its wide-open construction sandbox in favor of top-down dungeon crawling.

Players will explore randomly-generated dungeons with similarly random monsters, traps and treasures. Instead of the class systems usually present in dungeon crawlers, “Minecraft Dungeons” allows players to customize their character loadout.

The game releases for PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

Ghost of Tsushima: June 26

Sucker Punch Studios’ latest effort goes to 13th century Japan. The Mongols have invaded Tsushima Island, with a path of destruction lying in their wake. Players take control of samurai Jin Sakai as he works to drive the horde out of Japan. Tsushima Island serves as an open-world. The game encourages stealth action and mobility.

It releases as a PS4 exclusive.

Wasteland 3: August 28

The grandfather of isometric RPGs is back.

The post-apocalyptic “Wasteland” world is one where mutants and raiders run rampant. It’s up to the Rangers to keep what remains in order.

The franchise’s complexity makes it stand out from similar RPGs, bringing an older gameplay style into modern times with a branching story and updated graphical style.

“Wasteland 3” releases for PC, macOS, Linus, PS4 and Xbox One.

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