'The Bachelorette': Jed Wyatt

THE BACHELORETTE – Hannah Brown caught the eye of Colton Underwood early on during the 23rd season of “The Bachelor,” showing him, and all of America, what Alabama Hannah is made of – a fun country girl who is unapologetically herself. After being sent home unexpectedly, Hannah took the time to reflect on her breakup, gaining a powerful understanding of her desire to be deeply and fiercely loved. Now, with a newfound sense of self and a little southern charm, she is more ready than ever to find her true love on the milestone 15th season of “The Bachelorette.”

Knoxville-native Jed Wyatt wowed Hannah Brown on this week's episode of “The Bachelorette,” starting off the night as Hannah's one-on-one date during week four's trip to New England. 

The one-on-one included a trip to Boston, where the pair played basketball in TD Garden, and Jed scored a few points with Hannah thanks to a couple Boston Celtics players Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier..

Hannah said the day was all about fun and America, and she made up lots of facts about America, claiming it was one of her favorite past times. She didn't know where the Boston Tea Party took place or what “no taxation without representation” meant, but Jed helped her out.

Stopping by Cheers bar before heading to TD Garden, it was clear that the chemistry between the two is blossoming.

“Jed is awesome," Hannah said. "We have so much fun together. He’s very comforting and funny and gentle.”

Celtics player Jaylen Brown shared with Hannah that he looks for someone who is there during the good and bad times. Hannah replied that with Jed, it's all natural.

Hannah went on to tell Brown that Jed is exactly what she's wanted, and Jed feels the same way.

“The only way to go from here is up,” Wyatt said.

After their day in Boston, the two sat for dinner and Jed confessed that music is his passion, but that the career hasn't always been easy. When he signed up for the show, he was clueless, but open to it because he loves love.

"When I signed up for the show, I was skeptical... my first thought was, 'This is a huge platform,'" Jed said. "I came in with that mindset."

But, every moment with Hannah has chipped away at that mindset. “Now, more than anything, I want to be with you,” Jed said.

"I value your honesty with me... it's exactly what I've been asking for," Hannah said, before giving Jed the one-on-one rose.

Asking how Jed can go from “The Bachelorette” for music to marriage, he said, “There's just a comfort that comes from you.”

“I feel excited about Jed,” Hannah said. “He really is exactly what I’ve wanted.”

Luke and Luke just aren't getting along

They share the same first name and that's about it. Luke P. and Luke S. Calling for “blood, sweat and tears,” the group date card already had Luke P. excited.

On the date, Dylan, Matteo, John Paul Jones, Connor, Garrett, Dustin, Devin, Grant, Peter, Kevin, Mike, Luke S., and Luke P. attempt to plat full-contact rugby, with help from the Newport Rugby Club.

And rugby was rough. Kevin, whose calm ask for a medic didn't really give off the drama it did in the promo, is sent to the hospital with a possible dislocated shoulder. Meanwhile, everyone else keeps playing rough.

“I’m givin’ it all I got for Hannah,” Luke P. said, who helped the blue team take a pretty big lead over te green. “I’ll never quit on her.”

Luke P. was spotlighted, as he took other bachelors out and grunted as he ran up and down the field.

“I think maybe sometimes he can be a little too aggressive,” Peter said. And he's probably right. Luke P. soon picked up Luke S. and slammed him to the ground.

The crowd audibly gasps and Luke S. is not happy, asking “What the f*** was that?” No one saw what happened, and the rest becomes he-said, he-said.

Waiting to be where Hannah can hear him, Luke P. offers a kinda-apology, claiming self defense. Luke S. isn't having it, though.

“Luke can’t control himself,” Luke S. said. “He’s a frickin’ animal.”

“Luke P. is just looking out for Luke P.,” Mike added.

“Luke P., he’s just kind of a d***,” Dylan said.

Yeah, the other guys aren't liking Luke P. so much.

Just as she did last week, Hannah asks to speak with Luke P. first at the cocktail party, but before Hannah can ask any questions, Luke P. tells his side of the story. Claiming that Luke S. all the sudden started cussing at him after he stiff-armed him, causing him to body slam him.

Hannah doesn't totally buy it, telling him that she cares about him, but the incident won't be easily forgotten. But, Luke P. said he doesn't have a problem with the other guys; it's just Luke S.

“To be honest… I’ve seen red flags come up,” Luke P. said. “He’s always talking about his brand and his liquor company. I’ve never heard him talk about you.”

Cue the Luke S. one-on-one.

Luke S. gives his side of the story, saying he was hit hard by Luke P. and when he tried to say he didn't like it, he was body-slammed and then kneed in the head by Luke P. Luke S. explains that the other guys are annoyed with him too.

“I would urge you to ask the other guys about it,” Luke S. said “We all have a thing with Luke P.”

Staying calm and polite, Luke S. is only on edge when Hannah asks about his tequila brand and he talks about it more than her.

“I understand how big of a concern that is for you, but I’m here for you,” Luke S. said. “That really makes me upset to hear that.”

From there, Hannah finds out from each guy that they really don't like Luke P. Dustin said he was a bully in rugby; Mike revealed that Luke P. told him he was going to say he was falling in love her and then quit the show; Dylan said 95 percent of the guys don't get along with Luke P.

Then, Luke P. gets it from all the guys. Literally.

“I’ve got 14 friends in this house, and you could have seriously hurt one today,” Garrett said. “I’m gonna let you know that I’m not okay with that.”

“Hannah told your ass last week to stop making this about you, and you’re taking my motherf*ing time with the woman I’m trying to get to know,” Mike said, with Luke P. following with a laugh. “You laugh because you’re a f***ng psychopath!”

Luke P. tries to say he doesn't remember what happened, but then he does remembered what happened. The other bachelors can't stand him and start to leave him alone.

“You know everyone in here thinks you’re nuts, right?” Luke S. said “How do you feel about that?”

Luke S. continues to question if Luke P. is there for the right reasons, say he doesn't want to see him again and leaves the room.

Back at the mansion before the final rose ceremony, guys keep laying into Luke P. and Luke S. is still trying to convince Hannah that he doesn't care about his tequila company.

“I’m at a point where I just don’t know who to trust…,” Hannah said. “I’m confused but also, like, irritated.”

Luke S. confronted Luke P., asking him if he really thinks he is here to promote tequila. Luke P. said no, and that he planned to tell Hannah Luke S.'s true intentions for being on the show. Then Luke P. told Hannah the opposite, and said Luke S. asked him to put in a good word for him.

Hannah goes back to Luke S., because she's bound to be confused at this point. She sits with Luke S. again. Luke S. confronts Luke P. again.

“Lemme just tell you, man, karma is a bitch,” Luke S. said “And you’re gonna get yours.”

Hannah hears this from the other room and next thing you know they're both called in for a private meting. There's no rose ceremony to end this one, and the fate of the Lukes can only be determined by the next episode.

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