Here For Now

"Here For Now"

Released on June 26, Here For Now” is the debut studio album by Louis The Child, an electronic production duo.

Ahead of their first album, Louis The Child have made a name for themselves through both their electric live performances as well as their previous singles in collaboration with artists such as Wafia and Icona Pop.

Louis The Child’s sound is very characteristically electronic pop, positive dance music. Unlike other production teams, the duo does an amazing job blending the lyrics with the electronic beats.

In this way, the album feels like an intentional mix of lyrics and music, not too heavy in either direction to create either pure pop or pure electronica. This is exactly why their music is perfectly electronic pop. “Here For Now” accurately depicts the duo’s commitment to both consistency as well as the genre itself.

Just days after the album’s release, it’s clear that “Little Things” feat. Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler is already the fan favorite. Like much of the album, “Little Things” is a depiction of gratitude, a revel in the freedom of youth itself as the lyrics appreciate the “Little Things” in life.

“Little Things” already has eight remixes by other artists such as Will Sparks, Austin Millz and Biicla. While the original song is slower than other songs on the album, the remixes help bring it into the electronic dance genre more, making it all the more versatile.

Another popular song off of “Here For Now” is “Nobody Like You” feat. Vera Blue. This song is the epitome of Louis The Child’s music. It’s a song that’s quintessentially electronic pop and discusses the feelings of quickly falling in love; of butterflies and the excitement that comes with a new relationship.

As a fan of Foster The People, I was excited to see that they collaborated with Louis The Child on “Every Color.” The song itself is upbeat, moving more into dance electronica and less toward the pop genre.

Although the lyrics are simple, I think it’s a message that resonates well with listeners: the feeling of seeing yourself in another person and them seeing themselves within you. It’s a sense of humanity and connection that speaks to the core of what it means to be present in the moment. “Every Color” is a song I would love to see performed live someday.

What’s interesting is that there is no title song, but rather a song titled “We Are Here For Now,” slightly different than the album’s title. This song features no other artists, but is one of the slower, yet more electronic songs on the album. I think this song was a way for Louis The Child to explore the electronic beat side of their sound and devote a song to that alone.

Overall, “Here For Now” is an album aptly named. The album is a representation of fleeting youth, of positivity, gratitude and the sense that nothing is permanent and that in itself is worth appreciating.

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