'VOLstarter' provides new options for school funding


A campaign has begun on VOLstarter, UTK’s official crowdfunding website, to raise money for students affected financially by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.

The Student Emergency Fund aims to helps students adjust to disruption and setbacks that have arrived as a result of the virus. For example, UT has cancelled all in-person classes for the remainder of the spring semester, cancelled planned commencement ceremonies and instructed students who live in residence halls and sorority and fraternity housing not to return to their on-campus residences.

Students who wish to remain in on-campus housing through the end of the semester should file an exemption through the University Housing portal by 5 p.m. today, March 18.

Additionally, the fund will benefit students who are no longer able to work due to the outbreak. Due to the virus’ rapid spread and the practice of social distancing, many business that may have employed student workers, such as restaurants and retail stores, have closed their doors and laid off employees.

You can donate to the fund online. If preferred, donations can be made in monthly installments.

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