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Head to Hodges to catch up on some quiet studying. 

While the majority of UT students are spending their summer in the sun, some are in the classroom. Here's five ways to get through the summer semester.

Take notes, and lots of them

It's a given to take notes in class, but if you haven't taken summer classes before, you may not be prepared for just how many notes you need to take. Summer classes are a semester's worth of information crammed into a much shorter timeframe, making note taking one of the most important things you'll do this summer.

The information taught during a summer term is much more condensed, so be sure to take notes from the get-go and keep your motivation high. Highlight important concepts during class and make notes in color for extra material the professor gives out.

When you don't understand a concept, diligent notes can save you from suffering a bad summer class grade.

Make a schedule, and stick to it

Juggling summer classes with enjoying summer can be tough. Build a schedule before your classes start - outlining when you're in class and at work or other commitments - so that you can maximize the time you have.

Make sure to make time for studying, too. Four-five hours a week is usually a bare minimum, but some classes require more or less. Gauge how much time you'll need to study and do homework before making the more fun plans.

But, do make fun plans, whether it's a vacation, day-cation, shopping trip or quick stop for ice cream. Balancing work and play is important, especially during summer break.

Take breaks, and take them often

It's easy to get burnt out during a fall or spring semester, but it happens even faster when you watch those around enjoy summer break while you're in class.

You're not tied to the classroom, though. After class, take a seat outside and enjoy the sunshine. Eat your lunch without looking at work in between classes. Your summer doesn't have to be consumed by your classes.

Make friends, and as many as you can

Those who take classes in the summer together, stay together. Summer school isn't something everyone at UT is doing, but you'd be surprised how many of them are. Make a few connections on your first day, and you'd be surprised how far they go.

Once connections are made, study with friends outside of class, rely on each other for help and get pizza together. Your summer class friends could become your best friends- you never know.

Ask your professor for help, too

Sometimes, you end up in a summer class because a class during the school year didn't go as planned. The good news? Professors are generally pretty helpful, especially when you ask them to be.

Just as you'd ask your summer school friends, be sure to make connections with your professors this summer. The more you get to know them, the easier it is to get help. Don't forget they want you to learn, and probably wish they weren't in summer school either. 

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