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On Friday, the Student Government Association announced that it would be pushing back the dates of the 2020 election and released the ballot for the election season.

The dates were changed in response to UT’s new policy toward the COVID-19 outbreak. UT has suspended in-person classes until April 3 and cancelled all university-affiliated events with an expected attendance of over 50 people from March 16 until April 5.

The SGA candidate debate will be held via livestream at 6 p.m. on April 2. More information about how to access the livestream will be released in the following days. Elections will be now held on April 15, 16 and 17; they were originally scheduled for April 6, 7 and 8.

Candidates will still be allowed to hold speaking engagements through April 17.

The ballot features three student-run campaigns: Change, We Hear You UT and Promise.

Three candidates are vying for student body president: Karmen Jones from Change, Nikki Hernandez from We Hear You UT and Walker Hoover from Promise.

For student body vice president, Carly Broady from Promise, Raj Patel from Change and Sophia Rhoades from We Hear You UT are running.

Cody Ramangkoun from Change and and Molly Mays from We Hear You UT are running for executive treasurer.

For student services director, Chris Barnes from Promise, Emma Kate Hall from Change and Gustavo Morrice from We Hear You UT are running.

Dozens of other students are running for academic and residential senatorial positions on all three campaigns.

According to SGA Election Commissioner Nicole Painter, all other rules outlined in the election packet will remain in place for the season.

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