Studying in the Library

Students studying in Hodges Library. 

With the bittersweet last week of classes ending, the time has come to brace yourself for finals.

With campus offering several resources to prepare for the last weeks of the semester while also getting ready to wind down for the summer, it’s important to be aware of what you need to do besides studying for exams.

Here are some ways to prepare for the final Finals Week of the year.

Know when your exams are

While it may seem understood, many would be surprised to know how many of their peers don’t know when their exams are, if their exam times have changed or even if certain classes have a final exam.

In order to avoid all the stress and exhausting late-night cramming the night before an exam, make a schedule for your exams and exam reviews.

Check your grades

Whether or not you have been checking your grades periodically throughout the semester, make sure to know what score you need on your final in order to get the final grade you want. Take into account what percentage of your final grade the exam will take up when calculating.

The fastest way to calculate what grade you need to make on the final is to go onto Canvas, click on “Grades” for the class you want to calculate the grade for and edit the “Score” section to see your “What If” grade for the class.

After knowing what score you need to make, adjust your study schedule. Make sure to prioritize properly so that you are studying sufficiently enough for the classes you need to focus on the most.

Make sure you are on-track for the semester

If you are unsure of where you stand in the pathway towards graduation, log into your myUTK and check in the upper right-hand corner, where uTrack indicates whether or not you are on track to graduate.

If you dropped a class that you need to take eventually this past semester, make sure that you don’t forget to register for it in the future.

Getting ready to leave

If studying for finals and finishing final projects and papers wasn’t enough, many have to worry about clearing out of dorms or apartments to go home for the summer.

To avoid last-minute hectic packing and speed up the process of going home, pack a little bit every night during finals week either before you go to bed or during a “break” from studying.

Check with your RA if you live in a dorm for the checklist — which often includes opening the blinds and throwing out the trash — to complete in order to avoid housing charges.

Check that you dorm or apartment is cleaned properly to avoid fines. The last thing you need is a lot of charges.

Take time to recover, recharge and celebrate

While you may feel like you need to crack down and hit the books immediately Friday night, make sure to take some time to reward yourself for another semester down.

The easiest way to reward yourself is to go out for a nicer meal, especially after many ramen-noodle dinners and skipping lunch. If you are wanting a nice meal for a decent price, look for some options around Knoxville.

The Campus Events Board is also holding their last event of the year tonight. Volapalooza will begin at 6 p.m. in the Student Union courtyard and will feature many fun experiences and music.

No matter how you celebrate and rest from the semester, get ready to get back to work over the weekend to finish the semester strong.

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