Germnay World Showcase Culture Night
Participants of the German trivia game during German Festival on Thursday, October 10 at the International House.

The International House at UT hosted Germany Culture Night Thursday evening as part of the Germany World Showcase week. The Great Room of the International House was packed with many people, and volunteers from the German Studies department prepared traditional German meals and a quiz game with German chocolate as a prize.

The volunteers cooked an authentic German meal for students, which included vegetarian goulash, hot dogs, potato salad, cucumber salad, honey cookies and plum sheet cakes for dessert.

Addison Myers, the president of the German Club and a food science major with a minor in psychology, was pleased with the event’s turnout.

“It was great. I think it was really engaging,” Myers said.

She also shared information about upcoming seasonal events from the club.

“In November, you guys can look forward to a gingerbread house decorating with nuts and everything … it’s a lot fun,” Myers said.

Iman Mahdinia, the leader of the Iranian Student Organization and a civil engineering major, explained how he found out about Germany Culture Night.

“I got an email from an International House staff and saw a post on International House account, too,” Mahdinia said.

Alongside the Iranian Student Organization, Mahdinia will be hosting the next installment of the World Showcase series on Iran, beginning on Nov. 4.

World Showcase is a week-long program of events that emphasizes a selected country’s culture and people. International House hosts World Showcase two to three times each semester, and each series includes four different types of events: a Faculty and Community Member Lecture, a cooking demo, World Showcase Coffeehouse and Culture Night.

The faculty and community discussion offers a platform for a student or faculty of a selected country to present an informational lecture about the selected country, and the cooking demo is an opportunity for students to experience the way a traditional dish or dessert from that particular country is cooked.

During the coffeehouse event, which is held in Hodges Library and is part of the International Coffeehouse event that takes place each Wednesday, students can try authentic coffee or tea alongside a snack from a featured country. The food is prepared by the hosting organization of the featured country and International House staff.

Entry to the series of events is free for students, and the tickets for faculty and staff and the general public are five dollars. Students must show their VolCard to enter the events for free.

Additional information about World Showcase and future lineup is available on International House website.

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