Howard Baker Center

The semester may not be even halfway finished, but the summer is still fast approaching. While some prefer to fill their summers doing nothing but relaxing, many would prefer to make some cash and gain some career experience. The timeline for those opportunities is running short, as many internship deadlines end in March.

Don’t worry if you haven’t yet found an internship yet; you still have some time. Here are a few campus resources to help get you set up for the summer.

Howard Baker Center for Public Policy

The Howard Baker Center is not just the go-to place for UT political science majors; it’s also a wonderful resource for networking and internship opportunities. The Howard Baker Center website has a comprehensive list of city, state and even national government internships — ranging from Knoxville municipal work to internships within the U.S. Senate.

The Baker Center can also connect you to other public-policy related job opportunities. All you need do is ask and check out their website. If you’re interested in governmental or policy work, don’t ignore the Howard Baker Center and its amazing resources.

East Tennessee K-12 Education Job Fair

The world can never have too many quality teachers, but finding those experiences in undergrad can be difficult. However, the Department of Education has you covered with the East Tennessee K-12 Education Job Fair. Representatives from numerous Tennessee school districts will set up shop in the Student Union on March 4 from 9 to 11:30 a.m.

Office of Undergraduate Research

The best way to gain experience in a research-heavy career is to conduct research yourself. Fortunately, UT is staffed by many field professionals who would be more than happy to make your research goals a reality. The Office of Undergraduate Research helps you reach out to these professors. Their website also lists multiple research programs and organizations to become a part of both on and off campus.

Not only can you gain valuable experience, but your research could also win awards and recognition through scholarships — perfect for undergraduate academics.

Office of Study Abroad

While mostly predominantly known for its coursework opportunities, the Office of Study Abroad can also connect you to job opportunities outside national borders. Perhaps you would like to teach English abroad, or maybe you just want to make some money outside the U.S. If so, the Office of Study Abroad is certainly worth visiting.

Center for Career Development

Maybe you don’t know what career you’d like. Don’t worry, a lot of people are in your position. The Center for Career Development’s main purpose is to help UT students find their preferred career and obtain experience in said career. The center’s advisors can lead you through the entire application process — from writing a resume to conducting interviews. If you don’t know your career interests, then the center’s advisors would be more than happy to help you find it.

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