Dining Halls
Students eat dinner at the Fresh Food Company located on the first level of Stokely Hall. Their menu and hours can be found on Vol Dining's website and ranges from pizza to international foods including gluten free and vegan options.

While freshman students who live on-campus are required to have an unlimited dining plan, all other undergraduate students have the freedom to invest in as small or large of a meal plan as they desire. With a variety of options to choose from, selecting the right plan can be difficult. Here’s a basic rundown of UT’s dining plan choices.

7-Day Access Plan

This plan is the one required for freshman students and the most-all encompassing. It includes unlimited access to Presidential Court Building cafeteria and the Fresh Food Company in Stokely or three meals a day at Southern Kitchen, located in Volunteer Residence Hall.

The plan comes with 300 Dining Dollars, as well as five guest meal swipes.

Plans with specific meals-per-week

If students would like to purchase a certain amount of meals per week, they can choose from five, eight or 10 meals a week. Meal swipes can be used at Presidential Court Building cafeteria, the Fresh Food Company or Southern Kitchen.

Like the 7-day access plan, all three of these plans come with dining dollars and five guest meal swipes.

A plan of five meals a week comes with 500 Dining Dollars, a plan of eight meals a week comes with 450 Dining Dollars and a plan of 10 meals a week comes with 300 Dining Dollars.

Plans with specific meals-per-semester

Block plans allot students a specific number of meal swipes per semester--either 50, 75, 100 or 165. Like the aforementioned plans, block plans come with Dining Dollars and five guest meal swipes.

A plan of 50 meals a semester comes with 300 Dining Dollars, a plan of 75 meals a semester comes with 150 Dining Dollars, a plan of 100 meals a semester comes with 150 Dining Dollars and a plan of 165 meals a semester comes with 500 Dining Dollars.

Additional Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars essentially function just like cash at any of the on-campus dining locations. For example, Dining Dollars can be used at the POD markets, the restaurants in the Student Union and more.

Dining Dollars are accessed through your VolCard, and you can add more to your account at any time by purchasing them through MyUTK online.

Flex plan

Flex money operates quite similar to Dining Dollars; it can be used in POD markets, all on campus restaurants and dining halls. Undergraduate students who are enrolled in at least six credit hours and who do not have a dining plan are required to purchase 300 of Flex money per semester.

Students with leftover Flex dollars at the end of the fall semester can either use the extra Flex in the spring, request a refund of unused dollars or move the Flex money to their VolCard account. However, after the spring semester, unused Flex dollars cannot roll over into the next semester. They can either be refunded or moved to a VolCard account.

Unlike many of the above plans, Flex does not come with any meal swipes, dining dollars or guest meal swipes.

Meal equivalency

Meal swipes can be used to pay for a portion or all of a meal at many of the numerous on-campus restaurants. The amount of money per swipe and the restaurants available for meal equivalency vary by the time of the day. More information is available online.

Pricing for each meal plan is available online.

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