UTPD trains for active shooter situations throughout the year. 

A safety notice email sent by the Clery Compliance discussed instances of stalking that have recently taken place in the campus area.

The notice stated that the UT Police Department and the university have been made aware of “numerous reports of stalking.”

Although not all reports of stalking are related, some of the incidents occurred in similar patterns and may have been committed by the same perpetrator. Certain suspects are currently being investigated by UTPD in connection with several of the reported incidents. However, several of the stalking victims have declined to press charges at this time.

Clery Compliance discussed the signs of stalking.

“The university defines stalking as engaging in a course of conduct directed at a specific person, regardless of one’s relationship with that person, which would cause a reasonable person to: (1) fear for the person’s safety or the safety of another person; and/or (2) suffer substantial emotional distress,“ the email said.

The email also cautioned students to be aware that if they are acting in a manner indicative of stalking, such as repeatedly contacting someone who has asked to be left alone, they may face disciplinary or criminal charges.

It is within your rights and perfectly acceptable to decline contact with someone and block them from social media or from contacting you in other manners. However, it is not acceptable to ignore another person when they ask that you halt contact with them.

Clery Compliance also urged students and bystanders to take action when witnessing an inappropriate or criminal situation, as well report any incidents of stalking to UTPD and the university, so that they may be dealt with effectively.

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